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Looking for 2022 gifts? My updated guides are here!

Can’t believe it’s been a year since my last big gift guide round up and I’m so excited to share the first group of holiday gift guides of the season…intended to take the wonder out of winter wonderland! My goal is to have something for everyone on your list. I’ll keep updating this post with more guides for specific recipients (including men and boys!), so check back often! Happy shopping and please reach out if you’re looking for more ideas. Will gladly add.

One more note: images are linked, so *almost* everything can be shopped simply by clicking the item you want to give. Some sites aren’t linkable in the graphic, so I’ve also listed and linked every item below the images (with a bit about why I think this makes a great gift). Enjoy!

First Up…Gifts For You

Asked this question last year and it holds true…are you hard to shop for? I didn’t think so. But, just in case you need a little inspo for what to ask for, here are some things I’m eyeing that you may love too.

  1. I just gifted myself this beautiful bow pendant…it’s the ultimate heirloom.
  2. The darling art print will instantly transport you to a happy field of flowers…since it may be hard to get there (or anywhere) this year.
  3. If people don’t want to choose the wrong size when gifting you, tell them to go for this chic collar that’s the perfect topper to sweaters you already own. Similar here.
  4. Another thing I’m guilty of gifting myself. These Mrs. Alice x Poppy plates are simply divine.
  5. A spot of tea for you and me. Have to order this pot for myself! Similar here.
  6. Love this block print tablecloth sm I just ordered it as well. Are you sensing a theme? These are gifts I truly love/want/have!
  7. I googled gingham yoga mats and was not expecting to find THE PERFECT ONE!
  8. How lovely is this jewelry box? The color is perfect, as is the size.
  9. I’ve got my eye on this watch. Michael, if you’re reading, I love it.
  10. Always taking notes from Aerin, and this book is my new bible.
  11. My go-to summer bag looks even better in this fall hue. Want want want.
  12. One-of-a-kind coats like this don’t come around every day.
  13. May do a Christmas tree for this ornament alone.
  14. If you’re lucky enough to have travel plans, this suit is for you. I bought it to day dream/hoard for next year. Similar suits here.
  15. Cameo earrings were a reader favorite last year and these are divine. Similar here.
  16. If someone gifts me this necklace, I would be Over the Moon! Also, that’s where it’s from (wink, wink). Similar here.
  17. Two bows are better than one, as this belt proves. Similar here.
  18. Cocktails taste better when you’re wearing a ring like this. Similar here.
  19. Working on my vase and container collection and would love to add this one IF ANYONE THAT BUYS ME PRESENTS IS READING! (MICHAEL!)
  20. Finally, this tablecloth that really needs no introduction, it’s that good. Similar here.

Not pictured: Here is where I will add things that I continue to find and want post-posting this beautiful collage. I truly love everything we curate, whether in this collage or the others (scroll to read!). Also, feel free to share this blog post with everyone you’d like. You can also sign up for emails on bowsandblue.com to get my gift guides sent straight to your inbox!

Next, gifts for the Grandmillennial (so you, too)

She’s into chintz, ruffles and bows. Hand-painted and embroidered? Even better! In love with these pretty pieces for the Grandmillennial gal in your life and hope you are too.

  1. This floral puffer is on major sale, but she’ll never know since the bouquets and bows will have her at hello. This puffer is cute too!
  2. Throw pillows are the easiest way to transform her space and she’ll love this instagram-famous fabric. We have these and they’re even better in person.
  3. Scalloped, hand-painted frames are a gift she’ll have for a lifetime. I’m partial, but think this may be the most beautiful gift on the guide.
  4. Another easy gift to complement her living space is this beautiful platter. I display mine in the kitchen, and they also double as a usable charcuterie board.
  5. Fancy is as fancy does and this brooch does. More brooches here.
  6. This quilt is dreamy x 2. I can’t decided which side is better. Perfect for her picnics.
  7. Have you ever seen a lovelier candle? I want it so I can use the empty container for qtips!
  8. Alma Kitchen now has full-bloom floral cookies. They taste as good as they look!
  9. Botanicals are great, but birds are next-level Grandmillennial. I snagged these benches for our house! Use this link and code BORNONFIFTH50 to get $50 off your purchase of $199 or more!
  10. Everyone that sees these etched floral glasses in person ends up ordering. A truly can’t-go-wrong gift.
  11. I don’t needlepoint, but if I did, this is the canvas I would choose.
  12. A liberty robe seems necessary for peak relaxation after this most unusual year. Similar here.
  13. In case you like bows and blue but prefer bows and pink, I present to you blush version of this frame.
  14. Cocktails, anyone? If you gift napkins like these, you’ll be invited over time and time again.
  15. A scenic panel puzzle that turns into art is the affordable gift we never knew we needed. Another option here.
  16. Another thing we didn’t know we would need, a full wardrobe of masks.
  17. And finally, if you’re anything like me you’re a bit all over the place at the moment. A pretty place to keep notes like this Dogwood Hill pad, part of my Holiday Tastemaker suite, is centering!

On to the little ladies in your life!

Certainly among the sweetest people you know, now’s the time to treat your little lady to something as precious as she! A few ideas incase you’re stumped…

  1. We’ve loved this darling play house, easy to assemble and fun to decorate for the holidays.
  2. Darling ornaments, for your own angel.
  3. Dreams are even sweeter in this eye mask, that comes with coordinated pajamas.
  4. Elle loves this soft set, great for lounging and nighttime.
  5. If your girl loves to twirl, this dress is for her!
  6. A bunny topped with Liberty print is as cute as it is classic.
  7. Washing hands has never been more important and Sohp Shop‘s precious built-in prizes make this the perfect stocking stuffer for 2020.
  8. Bow chairs in doll size are back in stock! Run, don’t walk, if you want to gift the cutest seats ever. Bonus, they come in big kid sizes too!
  9. Headbands are a precious way to top off any outfit, and this Dondolo x Born on Fifth collab band is a favorite. Similar options here.
  10. Love this chic take on a purse, and the wicker basket also works on a bike!
  11. For your doll’s dolls, there’s nothing Elle loves more than this cute cradle.
  12. Gift your gal a bow with her name on it and you can borrow it too. Also available in precious pearl. Use code EMILY15 for 15% off.
  13. The prettiest Christmas pajamas I’ve ever seen. Love the subtle wreath and ordered even though we’re Jewish. Newer options here.
  14. A personalized tea set is a gift that will look as pretty on display as it will sprawled across the playroom.
  15. Elle loves fancy Barbies lately and this one takes the cake.
  16. Customize a sweater for your gal, and get yourself one to match.
  17. The best brush in the prettiest shade.
  18. This Princess and the Pea toy keeps Elle entertained for hours and is one of our favorite things to give friends!

And now, the little gents!

As this guide proves, there are nice looking gifts to be had for little guys too! Below, some favorites.

  1. The perfect place to stash his coins.
  2. More for mama, this frame is darling in a boys room for a snap of your little man and his number one gal.
  3. Love this scooter and the shade of blue, as it’s cool but also easy on the eyes.
  4. Celebrating Hanukkah? This ATLBoards candy charcuterie board is the perfect treat! Christmas boards are available too.
  5. Train sets are a must. Love that this is just the tracks, if you don’t have room for a full-fledged table.
  6. Precious heirloom pieces are perfect for the littlest ones. I’m getting Jennings this plate. Place your order by November 15th for Christmas delivery.
  7. In love with this tool table! Perfect for toddlers. The colors are so good. There is a smaller one too, that I may get for Jennings!
  8. This bluetooth speaker is retro in the best way. Perfect for the tween set. Similar here.
  9. A bike that I’d like for myself! Send me photos if you get this for your lucky lad.
  10. Mama and little Mr. twinning has never been cuter than in this suit!
  11. A guitar also makes a great gift as your guy gets older, especially if he’s musically inclined.
  12. This grocery scale is a nice addition if, like us, you already have a kitchen set.
  13. A custom child’s chair, hand painted with your boy’s name and birthday is a special gift that he’ll have forever. Place your order by November 10th for Christmas delivery.
  14. This scale is part of the Lovevery monthly subscription kit. We LOVE ours and can’t recommend it highly enough for the littlest guys and tots.
  15. A ride-on airplane that double as a perfect accessory for his room. Win win!

For the ones always there for you…

Unanimously the hardest to shop for (based on my Instagram research), the pressure to give a great gift to these special women is high! I think these picks do the trick…you be the judge.

  1. Liberty floral x the perfect size wallet makes this a great gift for any Mama on your list.
  2. A creamer for me, a creamer for you. Want this too!
  3. The gift of plush pillows is always a treat. Customize with her monogram on this site.
  4. For the woman who has it all, linens are lovely.
  5. A prettier chair I have not seen. Chip in with your siblings on this one.
  6. Gorgeous glassware in an enviable shade of green. She may even invite you over for drinks just to pull these out.
  7. There’s nothing more beautiful than this book. A pretty present, regardless of budget.
  8. Oh, domino. If she likes Van Morrison, she may love this fancy set.
  9. A jewelry box fitting of her most precious possessions.
  10. Whether or not she knows Ryan Gossling, she will appreciate this gorgeous notebook.
  11. Never enough napkins, my mantra this year.
  12. Instagram targeted me with this phone/iPad holder. Have and love. It’s perfect for her bedside table.
  13. Another thing she needs for her nightstand, this pretty charger block.
  14. Pajamas that she can wear to match her kids and grandkids…what dreams are made of!
  15. A set of suitcases for future travels. Pretty and well-priced!

Fancy going to a party? Me too! Here’s What to Bring

You know what it takes to be the hostess with the mostest, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what makes you the best guest, gift-wise. Here, 15 ideas for your consideration!

  1. The perfect outfit for her post-hosting nap, especially appreciated during these Covid times.
  2. A notecard set as dear as she is to you.
  3. Pretty napkins are always a good idea. Another take: buy a set of napkins, four beautiful bread baskets and your favorite loaves to make a thoughtful, personalized present.
  4. Help her make holiday season easy with a set of bow-adorned gift tags!
  5. Fill this planter with something green and you win the prize for best guest.
  6. A platter for her next party seems like the perfect piece.
  7. Embroidered cocktail napkins so pretty, she’ll invite you back to show them off!
  8. A chic chic chic candle that she can keep on display forever.
  9. This precious pitcher, equally good for florals or fresh water.
  10. Visiting a close friend? Bring along art for her powder room.
  11. My favorite etched wine glasses that everyone insists look vintage now come in stemless. Perfect. For. Everyone.
  12. Best western…these inspired placemats and napkins make a lovely post-trip thank you for ranch visits.
  13. Ever-lasting florals for the hostess that goes above and beyond, when budget is a non-issue.
  14. Towels are my favorite gift when invited somewhere warm. These are sure to make a splash!
  15. A scalloped-edge serving bowl that’s $35. She’ll never know! First-time site visitors, use code OFFER for $10 off your purchase of $25+.

Good-Looking Gifts from an Unexpected Source

These really need no introduction. Amazon favorites for the gals on your list!

  1. Silk eye masks to sleep through the rest of 2020.
  2. A bathroom rug that would make the Golden Girls jealous. College-aged old souls would love.
  3. The prettiest floral sheets I ever did see. Perfect for the budding Grandmillennial.
  4. Another good gift for the florally-inclined, these botanicals.
  5. Elle’s favorite pajamas at the moment. So soft. Fit true to size!
  6. A coffee table book fit for a queen, princess and duchess.
  7. The nightgown-meets-housedress she’ll put on when she opens it Christmas morning and won’t take off all day.
  8. Obsessed with this puzzle. Looks like the real deal!
  9. A sanitizing wand is what we all need tbh.
  10. The cutest pom hat. Snip the label off and it looks like it cost $100.
  11. Know anyone that would like a Cricut? Crickets?! Well if you do, this color is gorg.
  12. A picnic basket for two that’s truly darling. Under $50.

Always a Favorite! Gifts for your SIL and Friends

Lots of great gifts baked into this one (no pun intended, since there is, indeed, a cake on here!). Bigger ticket and smaller, more practical choices like the perfect to-go coffee cup. Let the shopping commence!

  1. Chic workout pants for the new way of life.
  2. The best lip gloss I’ve tried this year and the packaging is pretty to boot.
  3. A towel trimmed with bows for the next girls trip you’re planning!
  4. The perfect to-go coffee cup that comes with a straw too, great for all your walk and talks.
  5. If she’s a new mama, mark the occasion with a namesake bracelet.
  6. The prettiest pearl gloves that will make her feel like a queen.
  7. My favorite fancy pajamas.
  8. Scuffette slippers, my go-to style.
  9. A cute hair clip, since hers always go missing (anyone else!?).
  10. If you gift her this jewel box, be sure to include a note that says she’s a gem
  11. And if you send her a cake, tell her just how sweet she is!
  12. A gift that will remind her not to sweat the small stuff…these precious floral sweats. Similar here.
  13. Whether she places it on her coffee table or counter, this tray will be a practical gift she’ll love. Love this option too!
  14. Hill House may be known for their nap dresses, but their silk sleep masks should not be overlooked.
  15. Know her shoe size? Snag these scalloped sneaks and she’ll thank you forever.
  16. For your chicest friend, this pearl-topped clutch from my favorite Pamela Munson. Similar here.
  17. If she’s a headband girl, get her this one.
  18. Fancy, bow lovers will so-appreciate this sweet bag.
  19. And, if you’re my friend I would gladly take these panels ;). Similar here.

A popular Request…The Guide for Guys!

And for the bride!

For Your Babe…Only the Best!

Adding a link for the most darling pajamas that are restocked in the prettiest colors! A great gift.

For Teachers…The Most Important Gifts of 2020

Teachers deserve ALL THE GIFTS! Below, a few that aren’t linked above but are worth noting.

  • Pretty napkins that will make her cherish her time at home, away from the kids. (1)
  • The biggest coffee cups. I own these are their capacity may be the reason I haven’t slept well this year. (6)
  • The coffee that is the reason I don’t sleep, but boy does it keep me awake. It’s a sure fire hit with teachers. (12)

For the Pups in Your Life…Or Theirs

The furriest friends deserve the very best! Added Elle’s dog-inspired coat which was just restocked.

  • A monogramed dog bowl fit for a King (Charles Cavalier). (4)
  • Or, a pillow bearing his likeness! (5)
  • This comfy pillow is best in show. (13)
  • Would it be weird if I ate out of this gorgeous bowl set up? Available here, Thanksgiving Day.
  • Finally, somehow I forgot to include this darling pet step in the collage (mom brain + pandemic has gotten the best of me). They also make the furniture covers I shared last week.

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

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