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My intrusive thoughts currently have me thinking that because I like doing pilates, I need this pink reformer. And, although the pink machine may be overkill, it’s true that pilates is the one workout that I’ve been consistent with in the past couple of years, which is a testament to how much I enjoy it and the results. I’ve tried out just about every kind of class you can think of so I’m here to offer some pilates pointers, and of course help you find the chicest outfits, pilates gear, and grippy socks (from Amazon favorites to a new front runner, Oli Rose).

If you have yet to try a Pilates class, one thing to note is that there are a few different methods. They all offer different intensities and results so it’s important to figure out which is best for you. I think all three are great depending on what you are in the mood for, but here’s my take on each:

  • Traditional/Classical Pilates: A slow-moving, functional class using the original Pilates machine. These classes all follow a similar routine of slow, controlled movements meant to be done in a certain order. More focused on mind and body connection as well as stability, strength, and flexibility.
  • Contemporary Pilates: A new take on the Classical version with an expedited flow and amazing music. It incorporates a mix of old and new accessories like resistance bands, bala weights, pilates rings, and other gear to make your workout more interesting and intense.
  • Megaformer/Lagree Pilates: This is by far the hardest workout of the three, imo. The Megaformer machine is a new, more intense version of the original pilates reformer. These classes combine Pilates principles with a bit more focus on low-impact cardio and strength training.

Would you try it?

Athleisure is my day to day look. Here’s a favorite combo.

Everything I’m wearing in this look (other than these amazing Chanel look-alikes) is from Amazon.

A simple, yet favorite workout look. These scrunchy satin socks are the cherry on top.

Pretty picks for when I need to be motivated to get to a class.

Yes, socks and sandals are chic. Shop my after-class look here. One of my favorite instructors Hanna Sellers has something up her sleeve…Atlanta friends, stay tuned! 

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