The Best Restaurants in Atlanta

The Best Atlanta Restaurants

One of the top questions I get asked when people message me to tell me they’re coming to Atlanta, is where should we go to eat? Below, the best restaurants in Atlanta, according to Born on Fifth.


  1. Le Bilboquet: The French atmosphere, food and friendly faces (we’re there a lot!) make this a top pick.
  2. La Grotta: A family favorite for four (maybe five) generations. Italian that is that good. Don’t be thrown off by the lobby…it’s part of the charm.
  3. Umi: The best of the best sushi, arguably in the country, happens to be in Atlanta. We adore this hot spot.
  4. Ecco: The site of Michael’s 30th birthday and one of our first dates. Their recently-opened Buckhead location is in close proximity to my favorite shopping spots too.
  5. Bones: A classic steakhouse, the most famous in town. Everything is delicious.
  6. Hals: Another favorite steakhouse. I celebrated many of my twenty-something birthdays at Hals and our last date night pre-Elle was here too.
  7. Atlas / Garden Room: Chic and sceney. Atlas is a dining experience if you are a foodie, and Garden Room is the place to go for a drink (the food is divine too, since they share a kitchen I believe).
  8. The Chastain: The freshest food and atmosphere. Love everything on the menu!
  9. Blue Ridge Grill: Quintessential Atlanta, and where to go if you can’t get into Houston’s (in the same parking lot).
  10. Lyla Lila: Still on my list as I haven’t been yet, but it looks beautiful and apparently the pasta is fantastic. A good place to go pre-show at the Fox Theater.

Delicious and a Bit More Casual

  1. Storico Fresco: A family favorite! Easy for everyone to find something delicious. I love their bolognese pasta, brussell sprouts and salad with salmon.
  2. Rumi’s: Persian food. If you’ve never tried, you’ll adore. Obsessed is an understatement. Their midtown location is stunning.
  3. Carmel: New on the Atlanta restaurant scene and a great spot for a drink and a light bite!
  4. Yeppa & Co.: The sister restaurant to Storico, this is a hot spot and very sceney, but we’ve enjoyed with the whole family (don’t let the bar scene intimidate you).
  5. Superica: The best Tex Mex! Love for an easy night with the kids.
  6. DelBar: Middle Eastern food that rivals Rumi’s for top spot – and bonus, they’re about to open in Buckhead.
  7. Houston’s West Paces: Can’t go wrong with a classic, unless you can’t get in (and it’s hard)!
  8. Jalisco (Very Casual): A neighborhood Mexican restaurant that has the best cheese dip in town. It’s not fancy, but it’s good. We used to joke that the price of entry was a carseat as there are lots of young kids. Stop at Baskin Robbins for dessert afterwards!
  9. Little Rey’s: In the same family as Superica, Tex Mex that’s super delicious.
  10. Antico / Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano: The best pizza and chicken in Atlanta and the atmosphere is unlike anything else! Worth a visit.

Breakfast / Lunch

  1. Le Bon Nosh: Amazing for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, pastries etc. and opens again for dinner. They do close at 3 to reset so get in for your afternoon caffeine fix before then. They do have high chairs, but only a couple!
  2. The Chastain: Another lovely place to grab and coffee and sit for a convo, but be warned the line can get long!
  3. Souper Jenny: Long lines are a thing for the best spots in town. Their soup, salad and sandwich menu changes daily, but there’s always something for everyone.
  4. Henri’s Bakery: A classic deli and bakery combo. Perfect if you’re packing a picnic too.
  5. Cafe at Pharr: My most frequented lunch spot. Come for the Chicken Salad and stay for the fast service. In and out in under 30 is possible! Also great to go.
  6. Daily Chew: Love this newer spot, which features delicious fare (that can also be found at the Farmer’s Market). Family friendly, so bring the kids.
  7. Emerald City Bagel: New York style bagels that are worth the drive across town, but we’ve only made it once.
  8. Little Tart Bakeshop (At the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market): The best croissants in Atlanta (in my opinion). You can pre-order before noon on Friday, or be prepared to wait in a long line at the market. Totally worth it!
  9. Lucy’s Market (To Go Lunches): Lucy’s Market is 1000% worth a stop in. It’s next to Weezie and a great place to grab lunch if Henri’s line is too long. Be warned, you’ll grab about $500 worth of other amazing finds too. One of my favorite spots in the city! Say hi to Kim the owner.
  10. Goldberg’s Deli: Is it the best in Atlanta? Perhaps. Is it the best anywhere? Honestly, no. I am dying for a Sadelle’s (SHOUT OUT TO MAJOR FOOD GROUP PLEASE COME HERE). Did it do the trick for the decade we went there every Saturday morning? Yes.

Looking for an Atlanta restaurant that can double as an intimate event space? Stay tuned for our guide to The Prettiest Bridal Shower Locations in Atlanta.

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