5 Tips for Getting the Best Holiday Card Photo

5 Holiday Card Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo

  1. Choose Your Outfit Wisely. Mama, you pick first. I prefer pieces with coverage, as more fabric is more flattering. It adds movement to the candid photos and those usually end up being my favorite. Keep scrolling for a few thought starters.
  2. Coordinate, Don’t Match. You want a layered look, so colors should complement and not clash, but don’t need to be exact. You’ll get more dimension that way.
  3. Capture the Moment. This is something I forget to do in action every time, but ask the photographer to take photos of you just being. Maybe you’re walking towards the gate at your house, or the kids are playing patty cake. These moments are the ones you’ll want for the future.
  4. Hair and Makeup Help. Treat yourself to a pre-photo glam session. Include the kids! Ask your photographer to get there early and document your family getting ready. All of these make for beautiful moments for the holiday card photo and beyond, especially in black and white.
  5. Schedule on a Weekday. I’ve found that photos work well when they’re in the early evening and Michael just has to show up from work. Less stress, too,  if you have someone (a nanny, babysitter, friend or mom) come help the kids get ready if you need an extra set of hands.

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