Emily’s Edit: 10 Things I Love and Use Daily

10 Things I Love Using / Wearing / Owning

Inquiring minds keep asking me things that I honestly don’t always think to explicitly share, like my favorite and most used products. From the “if I was trapped on a desert island” makeup to the soap that’s safe to use down there, these are my tried and true, rounded up!

A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Mascara: Love Diorshow and have for years. Sometimes layer a little YSL Lash Clash too, but Diorshow is my go-to. I got asked if I have eyelash extensions today so I guess it works!
  2. Sunglasses: I do get new ones seasonally, but always come back to the classic Celine.
  3. Phone Case: I change mine out now and again, but lately have been obsessed with this mirrored one. I also added a little velvet bow to it. More on how to get your own soon!
  4. Soap: Didn’t ever think I would write home about soap…but this is worth shouting from the roof tops. Adore the way it lathers and is like a serum for your skin.
  5. Shampoo: A few of you have given me very nice compliments lately about my hair. I will take them! It’s a mix of a good cut, good color and good shampoo! This Oribe Gold Lust is my longtime favorite.
  6. Cleanser: I ran out of this last week and have been using other products which makes me realize how much I truly and completely can’t live without my Caudalie foaming cleanser! Gentle enough to wash mascara off too which is so hard to find.
  7. Bra: It’s really more of a bralette but perhaps it’s semantics. I LOVE THIS SPANX ONE! Smooth back and so comfy. Use code BORNONFIFTHXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping.
  8. Undies: The Hanky Panky lace still take up most share of drawer (I find them comfortable) but this pair is better under all outfits (workout to form-fitting).
  9. Brush: We literally have 4 of these at our house. Love it for myself and the kids after the shower and when we were always in search of the pink brush I knew it was time to quadruple down.
  10. Nail Polish: My go-to as of late, this chic OPI color is a chameleon of sorts and looks good in all lights. The perfect nude (which sounds weird for nails but TRUST).

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