Boxing 101

The Background

When I mentioned last week that I was in an exercise {and eating} rut, I also shared that I was going to be trying a different type of workout. As promised, I gave boxing a go. I’ll be honest, I’ve got a lot to learn on a couple fronts. First, I’ve never filmed a workout video and in retrospect, I probably should have controlled the environment a bit more (I couldn’t really yell “quiet on the set” in a gym during business hours). So if you can look past the optics, I think there’s some valuable info in there for true newbies.

Next, I have much room for improvement on understanding the actual technique of boxing. Prior to this video I had attempted boxing a whopping one time and got so frustrated within 30 seconds I gave up (this tends to happen if I’m not immediately good at something…I guess I’m competitive in that respect). As such, I didn’t realize there are specific types of punches, six to be exact, and that your feet play lead and power roles.

If you’re interested in learning the very basic basics, take a look. Atlantans, you can also sign up for the Fight for Fitness challenge at Eclipse One on One, a two-week challenge that pits you against the Nexersys machine (think of it as Peleton for boxing). Watch the video for a sneak peek of the machine. There’s also more info on the challenge below! Don’t be afraid to give me your feedback (I welcome it!) and be sure to catch the best part of the video (if we’re being honest), the blooper reel.

The Video

The Challenge

The Fight for Fitness Challenge kicks off at Eclipse One on One today! Here are the details:

  • Train with the Nexersys 3 times this week and 3 times next week (each visit is 5 rounds / 20 minutes total)
  • Post about on Instagram or Facebook, tagging a trainer and using #fightforfitnesschallenge
  • Cost is $350 or $400 (includes gloves and wrist wraps)

Upon completion of the Challenge, you get:

  • One nutritional consultation
  • One personal sparring session with a trainer
  • One infrared sauna session

To sign up, call 404-843-2663 and ask for Alex or Lisa.

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