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I’m so excited (almost as excited as Elle!) to share the first round of 2019 gift guides for this holiday season…intended to take the wonder out of winter wonderland! My goal is to have something for everyone on your list. I’ll keep updating this post with more guides for specific recipients (including men and boys!), so check back often! Happy shopping and please reach out if you’re looking for more ideas. Will gladly add.

One more note: images are linked, so *almost* everything can be shopped simply by clicking the item you want to give. Some sites aren’t linkable in the graphic, so I’ve also listed and linked every item below the images (with a bit about why I think this makes a great gift). Enjoy!

First Up…Gifts for You

Are you hard to shop for? I didn’t think so. But, just in case you need a little inspo for what to ask for, here are some things I’m eyeing that you may love too.

  1. Who doesn’t need a fabulous luggage case?! This one is lust-worthy.
  2. The darling Amanda Lindroth’s book will instantly transport you to the islands…much cheaper than asking for a plane ticket.
  3. Tell them they don’t even have to wrap this one. The bow stands alone!
  4. The chicest sweaters ever…a gift that will last a lifetime.
  5. This duffle is precious for a weekend away, or would make a precious diaper bag if you’re expecting.
  6. Hats (similar here) are like diamonds…the bigger the better.
  7. I have this headband and the braiding detail is sophisticated and understated. One of my favorite pieces!
  8. This beauty reminds me of the rose in Belle’s story…if you score it, you’re living in your own fairy tale to be sure.
  9. I’ve had my eye on this best-selling bag for a year now…LOVE it in the white.
  10. Pink pots and pans are certainly reason to cook (hint, hint Michael).
  11. Excellent arm candy for an evening out. Doubles as a dreamy piece to display in your closet.
  12. The prettiest cocktail napkins I ever did see.
  13. A perfect place to rest the aforementioned napkins. Love this basket!
  14. This plate takes the cake!
  15. Pink pajamas…there’s nothing better.

Not pictured: This Wedgewood is beyond dreamy. I linked Jasperware as a part of the hostess set, but why not treat yourself? Gen from Pencil and Paper and Robyn Verrier (the prop stylist) are both huge fans. I have to admit the colors of the Queensware are more my style but I’ve been hesitant to try it since it’s “lavender vs. true blue” but I’m going to give it a go! 


Now Very Important Giftees…Mamas and Mothers-in-Law

Unanimously the hardest to shop for (based on my Instagram research), the pressure to give a great gift to these special women is high! I think these picks do the trick…you be the judge.

  1. This sweet pillowcase is a dream gift. An easy and perfect update to her lovely home. Bonus: it can be monogramed. Similar here.
  2. Slippers are always a good idea, especially this pretty gingham pair.
  3. Expecting? This darling china shoe is a keepsake she’ll treasure forever!
  4. Glamorous glasses will make her feel snappy in her kitchen.
  5. Eye-catching earrings will make her a knockout at all of her holiday parties.
  6. A beautiful belt that’s sure to become a staple in her wardrobe. Similar here.
  7. Mama deserves a dream bag…this one would be perfect year-round. Similar here.
  8. This body créme is one she’ll use to age gracefully…and if she’s nice, she’ll share.
  9. Toast her role in your life and afterwards, stash the champagne here.
  10. One can always use a woven tray. Show her how to style it and she’ll love you even more. Similar here.
  11. Pillows to perk up her space, in chic Chinoiserie.
  12. Two peas in a pod…or however many grandchildren or pups she has!
  13. The perfect dish ware to serve her favorite family. Similar here.

Next! A Fun One…Sisters, Sisters-in-Law and Friends

This is a bit of a catch-all, since for many of you, your sisters and sisters-in-law are also friends…meaning you basically want all the stuff you get for them. As such, I love all of these picks and hope you will too!

  1. The best invention since insta stories…makeup towels. These are particularly perfect with a choice of embroidery.
  2. Eye masks are a personal favorite and this one takes the cake for cuteness. Similar here.
  3. When you want to get together to spill the tea over tea…mine as well have a darling tea pot!
  4. You’ve probably gotten this gal some jewelry over the years. Now get her this case to keep it safe when she’s on the go!
  5. Sometimes she wants the practical things…like a pretty new phone case.
  6. One of my favorite sweet and sophisticated gifts: this beautiful bow for her hair (or her daughter’s).
  7. On the subject of bows…if she’s not an in-your-hair type of gal, maybe she’d like them on her jammies. Cute gingham pair here.
  8. Now she has an excuse to invite you over for a drink! These cocktail napkins are too good to sit in the drawer. Similar here.
  9. Whether you take walks together or she just enjoys working out, these bracelet weights are sure to be a strong gift.
  10. Instantly chic up her wardrobe with this dashing faux fur scarf!
  11. Whether you give this as a stocking stuffer or the main event, she’s sure to appreciate two top trends: leopard x headband.
  12. She always has your ear, and you hers. Make it known by gifting her dazzling earrings. Similar here.
  13. Be sure to include a favorite snap of you two in this sweet gift…a gorgeous frame. I like printing with mpix.
  14. Give her the best bag ever…then hint that you’d like to borrow it some time, you love it so much.
  15. Comfort is key and she will thank you immensely for these ultra-cool cashmere track pants. Similar here.

Gifts for the Hostess with the Mostest!

You know what it takes to be the hostess with the mostest, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what makes you the best guest, gift-wise. Here, 13 ideas for your consideration!

  1. This thoughtful gift takes some planning, but if you have an annual party or want to get on the neighbor’s invite list, custom cards are always in style.
  2. Add some chic cocktail napkins to a bottle of wine for an easy gift with major impact.
  3. One of my favorite gifts is this roll of reusable cocktail napkins…super chic and eco-friendly to be sure.
  4. Love these dried flowers that stay fragrant for a year! The perfect way to say thank you for having me.
  5. Elegant books about any of her interests show you care and always have a seat on the table.
  6. A beautiful frame to display photos of her fabulous fêtes.
  7. Trinket dishes as unique as she is…be sure to find a color that complements her home.
  8. The prettiest placemats I’ve ever seen (or owned). These are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for hostess.
  9. Stock up on cloth cocktail napkins, with or without a monogram, in your gift drawer. You can be the life of the party in a pinch!
  10. Love this ornament that doubles as a gift topper! You can also buy them in a set, if you wish.
  11. The perfect platter for parties or to display…a personal favorite.
  12. This basket makes a pretty place for her matches or napkins!
  13. For the experienced guest, an elevated gift: that of art.

And Favorite Finds for Your Little Lady!

Certainly among the sweetest people you know, now’s the time to treat your little lady to something as precious as she! A few ideas incase you’re stumped…

  1. The prettiest purple floral dress anyone’s ever seen! Similar here.
  2. A clothing rack, for her dress up or fancy frocks.
  3. Do you have a Little Mermaid loving lady? This is the costume for you.
  4. I’m not quite sure how to explain this Ponycycle phenom. Elle got one last Hanukkah and was a bit too young. This is perfect for 3+
  5. Angel wings for your angel, but of course.
  6. A fur stole to complete any outfit!
  7. Is she an avid reader? Nab her this gorgeous green set of one of the most famous books for little ladies of all time. This is a good one too.
  8. If she sleeps without an eye mask, is she really sleeping?
  9. And of course, she will need the matching pajamas for her full look.
  10. Bedtime is more fun when you have a doll to spend the night!
  11. The best gift we gave Elle last year: a karaoke microphone. If rhinestones aren’t your thing, this one is also cute.
  12. If you let a mouse in the house, be sure she’s a ballerina!
  13. Fuzzy slippers that will keep her toasty on her trip to the breakfast table.
  14. This ride-on car is such a classic…I’m partial to pink.
  15. A pretty step stool for her bathroom breaks.
  16. And finally, a doll house because every girl should have one!


  • Customize this tea set with her name and this is a treasure she will have forever!
  • Just ordered this pop up play house for Elle…cutest one I’ve found!
  • The best bike for a gal on the go! Training wheels not included, so this is best for 8+.
  • A Radio Flyer tricycle is a precious idea for a younger gal. Add this basket to make it even cuter.
  • One that will make you very popular (although it’s very plastic): A Frozen castle (small enough in size). Elle LOVES this as it sings Let it Go.
  • I got this for Elle a couple of years ago (she was too young, for it then but loves it now): The Code-a-pillar, which teaches kids the basics of coding.
  • This ice cream stand is super cute for toddler age up!
  • Love this flower pot toy that Elle can “garden” with.

It’s Baby Time! Sweets for Your Sweet

Admittedly these skew girly and look-at-but-don’t-touch gifts, but they’re the prettiest anyhow. Hoping you find something for your littlest! Linking some plastic eye sores at the bottom too 🙂

  1. The perfect doll to display on a shelf…because that makes any nursery cuter.
  2. An Hermes blanket fit for a prince or princess.
  3. Such a unique rocking horse. I love this one! Similar here.
  4. Another day, another doll house. This style is precious for a gender-neutral space.
  5. I stocked up on Jess Brown dolls when Elle was little. They are beautifully made.
  6. Baby blocks best for learning letters!
  7. A carriage so she can be a mini mama.
  8. The prettiest bear in all the land.
  9. If she chews on a Birkin teether, you know she’ll have good taste.
  10. Want this baby book for myself, in case anyone gifting me is reading!
  11. An heirloom gift is always popular with parents. This silver cup is no different. Similar here.
  12. Elle got her kitchen set on her second Hanukkah (she was not quite two years old). It’s still a gift she loves!


  • Any of these Fisher Price Laugh and Play toys, like this tea set, will be a big hit! Elle still plays with some of hers from time to time.
  • If your baby is walking, this Little People castle is a great gift that she’ll grow into. Elle loved this toy!
  • This beautiful piece of art would look great in a nursery if you’re looking to gift a not-yet-here baby.

Gifts Great for Teachers or Stocking Stuffers

If you want your kid to be teacher’s pet, here are some fabulous ideas. I also highly recommend these for stocking stuffers, as they are all a great price point. Below, line to write on the teacher’s card.

  1. We wouldn’t be “hair” without you!
  2. Coffee or tea, you mean a lot to me!
  3. You’re the picture of a wonderful teacher. (By the way, this good looking thing only costs $15.)
  4. Having you as a teacher is the balm dot com!
  5. Take note! You’re a great teacher.
  6. I’m “soap” lucky to have you as my teacher!
  7. Everyone “nose” you’re the best!
  8. You rock my socks off!
  9. You’re the cream of the crop!
  10. You’re my cup of tea!
  11. I drew a lucky straw having you as my teacher! (P.s. These ceramic straws are reusable!)
  12. I’m only lucky dog to have you as my teacher!

If you have any punnier than this, do let me know!

More to come this week…

Including gifts for Pups and the Boys to Men (lol) in Your Life!

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