Celebrating Spring with a Mother/Daughter Floral Arranging Class

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Elle and I hosted a Mother/Daughter Floral Arranging Class and it was such a hit that I can hardly write this blog post fast enough so you can recreate.

The back story: Last April I chaired a big fundraiser in Atlanta called the Fairy Tale Tea (benefitting CHOA) and floral artist extraordinaire Canaan Marshall was kind enough to donate a children’s floral arranging class to the silent auction. Well you just know that I scooped it up as I had a hunch it would be darling. Fast forward to this early spring, Canaan and I decided it was about time for this party. Since Mother’s Day is coming up we flipped the script a bit and decided to turn it into a Mother/Daughter floral arranging class. We had a total of four mother/daughter duos and it was the perfect number for a small party.

Canaan and I met at the flower market the day before the party, curated our colors and then he got to work prepping all of the supplies. I prepped my yard, got a bunch of vases out to make a little flower table moment and had treats and snacks on hand. My favorite $9 customized baskets were the perfect party favor and placement for our finished bouquets.

Take a look at the day and know that even without an expert, this would be an easy one to recreate. Simply head to the grocery store and buy similar types of flowers and greenery (or stock) so you can display them, then get flower foam, floral scissors and pop up a folding table. My vision was to set the table with the girls arrangements but the day got away from me a bit as we were having so much fun. A few outdoor entertaining tips that helped make this a breeze to pull together: have a pretty bar cart that doubles as a place to prop food and florals too, festive toothpicks make everything better and cake stands are the best investment! Happy planning (and scroll to shop outfits, and exact items) xx

P.s. In an attempt to be present and not on my phone during our party, I had Ashley Kickliter snap photos. So happy I did. They turned out so beautifully and captured the moment so well, so a reminder to get a photographer too, and treat your guests to mother/daughter portraits!

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