Fall Table Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond!

Setting a Thanksgiving Table

Happy fall, y’all. I haven’t been posting to the blog as frequently lately and my goal is to be better about it as my favorite season kicks off. Perhaps if the weather would cool down it would be easier to get into the layering, pumpkin and leaves-changing spirit, but alas.

I am excited to share a table that I designed for the season. While I plan to use the settings for my Thanksgiving table, my thought process was around creating a fall table that could really work September-December, for Thanksgiving and beyond. I approached Elle’s Floral First Birthday in a similar way, and was able to repurpose that decor for a bridal shower I threw for my dear friend Jessica.

Because I am still upping my game in the floral design category, I chose to use loose stems as my runner, which allowed me to incorporate an organic element and only incur the cost of the blooms themselves. Pro tip: Trader Joe’s has really lovely eucalyptus that smells amazing and is low-cost. Another tip: ensure you’re not placing wet stems on the table and they will dry and preserve nicely (I’ve had my floral runner out for two weeks and though it’s gotten a bit crunchier it still looks nice).

I also wanted to incorporate the floral element into the place setting, so I engaged Kathryn of Fleur de Letters (because how on brand is that name!), to make floral wreath placemats. These are made out of a roll of kraft wrapping paper that I had around the house.

I used my everyday china since I prefer a neutral color scheme for this particular table (and my blue and white formal china feels more springy, anyway). I also incorporated some white mini pumpkins throughout the mess of florals, which I think was a nice touch. You could also add flameless candles like these, if you’d like some mood lighting.

Because it’s always ideal to have options, I also tried my favorite Sophistiplate setting and I think it looks perfect, too. If you’re in Atlanta, you can grab these plates at Lucy’s Market. Since we do Thanksgiving out of town, I’ll be bringing these plates (and a host of other treats from Lucy’s!) on the road with me. Luckily I’m in charge of table decor since my cooking skills are underwhelming at best.

If you’re doing a Friendsgiving or want to place people in specific seats for a fall dinner party, check out the dollar section at Target. I found mini casserole dishes and had Kathyn write everyone’s name on there instead of a traditional place card (they double as a nice take-home gift). For ease, you could house them on this wood tray when you’re bringing them to the table.

What to Wear

If you need ideas regarding fall frocks, here is a floral number that I’m fond of! This sweater is perfect, as is this one. You know how I like to have a unified approach from invite to outfit, and I think these all work well.

Now Tell Me…

How will you be decorating for the season? Do you have a Thanksgiving table design in mind? Maybe next year I’ll have my act together enough to share some elevated Halloween ideas!

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  1. This table is esquisite, Emily!!! Absolutely love the place settings and those mini casserole dishes are so cute! I always forget to check out the dollar section of Target. Need to hit that up next time I’m there!

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