French-Inspired Gift Ideas for Your Little Lady + Elle’s Must-Have Toys

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Musings and Must-Haves

I love giving gifts. Love it. Wish I was Oprah so I could do the “you get a car, and you get a car” bit and actually have cars to give to people. I also wish I was French. Alas, I’m not Oprah, nor am I French, so instead I offer you French-inspired gift ideas that marry two of my favorite things (scroll down if you want to get straight there!). 

I’m going a bit overboard this year since Elle wasn’t really old enough to understand Hanukkah last December. While I tried to be strategic about getting her gifts that she would use throughout the year (like her kitchen, for example), this time around I’m really excited since she’s at an age where she ooooh and aaaahs over everything.

So, without further adieu, here are some French-inspired gift ideas for your little lady. You can click on any of the pictures and you’ll get taken to shop that item!

Keep scrolling for a full list of toddler Hanukkah ideas, i.e. what I’m actually getting Elle this year and, because a few people with babies requested it, I also added the toys that have been our must-haves over the past year. P.s. If you want a French-inspired play kitchen, this one is a dream!

French-Inspired Gifts For Bebe (And A Few For Maman, Too!)

Hanukkah Ideas for Your Toddler

  • An easel is the perfect way to keep her table clear for tea parties
  • Speaking of tea, this cart is to-die-for and doubles as a storage  unit when not in use
  • Elle loves taking her babies grocery shopping, which makes this a fun update to the more traditional metal grocery cart she got last year
  • We are tutu-obsessed, so I picked some more ballerina books and got some (way too big) shoes to accompany the gift
  • I have a feeling Elle is going to love playing dress up, so wanted to plan ahead for that and have been shopping for clothing racks. Love this one!
  • I’m saving this for Elle’s second birthday, but I love this bistro  stand (totally the new lemonade stand)
  • Elle is so sweet with her baby dolls, so adding a new one to the collection is always a good idea (and this one does some good, too!). I also grabbed one of these so baby has somewhere to sit!
  • And this doll house (shown above) is what dreams are made of (a gift from my parents!)

Must-Have Toys for Babies

  • As I mentioned, Elle loved her toy kitchen and played with it for hours and hours this year
  • She also asks for this toy every time we go to the basement to play (a gift from my friend Lauren)
  • Books, books and more books! This one and this one are our current favorites
  • This teether came in handy SO many times as Elle got mouth full of teeth (and beyond being cute, it’s made in NYC and you’ll be supporting one of the hardest working business owners I know if you buy it!)

What are your favorite gifts to give?

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