Are You Setting Goals for 2018?

Happy New Year!

Are you setting goals for 2018? Like many others, I have decided that resolutions are meant to be broken and it’s a better use of time to determine what I’d like to accomplish, so here goes.

Goal 1

Stick to a Calendar

Ever since leaving the corporate world, I have worked from home and as a result, I’ve had a hard time feeling organized. Sure, I can hit deadlines and I don’t often miss plans (though I do sometimes miss emails!). Either way, I haven’t nailed my system. Consequentially, I have a million lists everywhere and would like to streamline my process.

Furthermore, as I look to focus more on the Born on Fifth blog and determine the types of content that resonate, having an editorial calendar (that I actually follow) will be more important than ever. I’m old school and like writing things down (and am the girl that used to buy several day planners a year). All of the options! So many cute ones!

All that said, here is my current front runner because I have big handwriting. I also end up throwing mail, magazine tears and the like inside the cover. I’m about to order this productivity planner, too, as a way of identifying how to best use my time.

Goal 2

Be More Mindful

This relates to a lot of things. From being present when I’m at the dinner table (for at least chunks of time…hey, what if there’s content to capture!) to being aware of my mind/body connection.

Right now I need a healthy dose of energy healing (something I’m excited to try this week!). I’m tapping into my third eye in 2018.

Goal 3

Write Often

This was a resolution of mine in 2012 and had I set it as a goal versus writing it as a resolution, I wonder if my blog would have gotten of the ground then.

My goal is to write at least three posts a week and not focus so much on how many images I include each time. The image handling/resizing can be a time suck for me but I’m also trying to get better at that!

You’re my audience and I’d be interested to know what you care about reading! Feel free to comment below, shoot me an email or send me a DM.

Goal 4

Pick a Lane

A huge goal of mine this year is to write a business plan to determine where I want this blog / business / brand to go and what lane I’d like to live in.

Goal 5

Nurture Growth

This has a lot of meanings. Personally, I never want to stop learning and evolving. I’ve found that listening to Guy Raz’s How I Built This inspired me greatly. I’d love to find some more podcasts that light a spark (I’ll add that to my to do list once my new planner arrives).

As a mama, I want to ensure that Elle thrives in every way as she gets older…at home, in new environments, with her friends…the list goes on.

Professionally, I’m trying to figure out the ways to grow my business and brand. Though I have less than a year under my belt I am going into 2018 with more confidence, the kind that only time can provide.

Are you setting goals for 2018? I’d love to know!


Planning on a Planner?

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