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This is a fitting post on which to include the above link. I’m currently trying to authenticate myself on Bloglovin’ (follow me!?) and am having some technical difficulties…welcome to my not-tech-savvy world. I say it’s the perfect post not to detract from the content of the post itself, but to further exemplify the (sometimes small yet frustrating) challenges that come with the territory when you go from a job with infrastructure to one with a long list of “I’ll get to that” and no one else to do it but yourself (and an intern!).

I recently had the pleasure of having a very candid conversation with Kate Gremillion, CEO of Mavenly + Co. and host of the Women, Work, and Worth podcast. My episode, entitled Spanx to Start Up: Talking Mentors, Motherhood, and Making a Blog is live and walks through a time in my career that I hope to look back on with fond memories. It’s one of those phases, not unlike the first few months of having a baby, that feels semi-insurmountable, yet is also the most rewarding and exciting thing I’ve ever done. We talked about the transition I’ve gone through, what (and who) inspired my entrepreneurial journey and the importance of mentors.

So, with that, I’ll let you listen to the podcast. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I am learning so much through every step of the process that is building a business.


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