How to Dress Up Sweats

Today I’m talking styled sweats

It never really dawned on me to wear sweatpants until this season, quite frankly. A couple of my favorite brands (Mother and Monrow) had pairs that caught my eye and since my day-to-day is a bit more casual now, I decided to give them a try. I have to say, there is definitely something to the comfy and casual look, but since I’m always one for heels, I needed a way to make this work.

Enter, the mule

Mules are having a moment. They, too, are comfortable and easy and in my opinion are the perfect complement to sweats. Never tried mules before? Be prepared to feel like you’re slipping around for the first couple of wears. I like to insert shoe pads to catch a grip. Once your foot molds to the shoe, you’ll feel like you’re walking around barefoot (swear!). Not a fan of mules? Head a few posts back to see the Mother sweats styled with platform sneakers (also a fun look).

Keep colors in the same family

I think that keeping each look within a general color scheme masks the casualness of the sweats (the black look more-so than the camo). Wearing gray shoes with gray-toned sweats adds a layer of coordination that makes the look feel intentional. I have an Ayr duster that would have been amazing with this outfit and I’ll have to remember to pull it out of the coat closet next time (insert eye roll emoji here). Because the sweats I wore have detail, I let the other elements of my outfit remain neutral.

Don’t love the look? Don’t sweat it

I imagine there’s a group of sweatpant purists who only intend to wear the bottoms as initially intended. Love it. Now that fashion has gotten a hold of this staple, the cuts are just a bit more flattering, which is likely a welcome update for all.

Top, Hatch. Sweatpants, Monrow. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Jacket, Zara. Similar here. Tank, SQN Sport. Similar here. Sweatpants, Monrow. Shoes, Chanel. Similar here

What do you think? Is this a look you’d wear to a casual meeting or on the weekends?

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