Ringing in the Spring with Lucy’s Market

Happy spring!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still working on my hostess game. I love and can envision a pretty final product, but how to get there without extreme planning (i.e. Pinterest boards and a too-strict color theme) sometimes alludes me. I was recently walking around Lucy’s Market and kept grabbing blush, green and blue and white things that I thought would make for a pretty spring table but wasn’t sure how it all would come together.  I was excited to get home to try to make sense of what I picked up and happy when (after a little bit of trial and error) everything worked.

You’ll notice that I used placemats, subconsciously inspired by the fact that we now use placemats with Elle. It’s a great way to add some color to the table and is a nice alternative to a charger for more casual events. The placemats may be my favorite element besides the flowers, which are simply stunning. I also got a moss runner, which I love in person, though I’m not sure it photographed as I would have hoped. Perhaps I should have added some loose flowers, smaller vases or votives for height variation on the moss.

Other favorite elements I found include faux branches (you may have noticed them in the wider shots), which are a low maintenance way to fill my blue and white vase. The gorgeous (synthetic) crystal champagne flutes that are featured are complemented by a matching pitcher, and the set is perfect inside or out. Lucy, of Lucy’s Market, came over and gave the flutes and pitcher a test run by making a rosé spritz. Keep scrolling for the recipe, which is as easy as it gets, my Passover picks and the way we transitioned this party to the patio!

Moss Runner, $38. Placemats, $26/Book (c/o). Paper Plates, $10/set. Paper Bowls, $6.50/set. Pink Branches, $22/each. 

rosé spritz

Combine prosecco, rosé and a splash of any citrus juice. Top off with a rose bud per flute and three buds in the pitcher. That’s it! We used Gerard Bertrand prosecco, gris blanc and rosé (the same bottle as I talked about around Valentine’s Day…still my favorite).

Should you have any spills, be sure you have a chic towel on hand to clean them up (I mean, I can’t get over this blue-and-white design).

Synthetic Crystal Pitcher, $88. Synthetic Crystal Flutes, $24/each. Blue and White Towel, $15 (c/o). Gerard Bertrand Prosecco, $17.50. Gerard Bertrand Gris Blanc, $15.50. 

Passover Picks

When I was walking through the market, I was surprised and delighted to see a seder plate staring me in the face! This one is particularly pretty, in my opinion. I also made sure to stock up on some flourless chocolate cake. I’m not sure it’s technically Kosher for Passover, but it doesn’t have flour, so I’m going with it!

Seder Plate, $235. Chocolate Heaven Cake, $16/$32.

Patio Party

I’ve already mentioned that I love this faux-crystal champagne flute and pitcher set, but it’s worth saying again because it really worked beautifully inside and out. While a bit heavy, the marble and rose gold tiered server was the perfect way to step outside with our sweets. Elle came along too and had her eyes focused on the rose bud in the champagne flute the whole time.

Marble Tiered Tray, $125. Flower Arrangement, Varies ($125 as Shown, c/o). Flower Crown, $75. Angel Lane Traditional Shortbread, $6/$12. Rosemary Butter Cookies, $12.50. 

Get the Look

Lucy and I happened to have the same idea of the perfect thing to wear to a springtime soirée/patio party. Here are a few white dresses similar to the ones we wore by Milly, Sea New York, NBD.

If you’re a size 6 or 10 and like the dress I’m wearing, it can be yours for 75% off the original price (which was outrageous to begin with). I scored mine on major sale last year and wore it to Elle’s baby naming in May.

Going to Lucy’s Market is something I love doing and I find myself there almost weekly (they’re always getting new stuff in!). If you’re in the neighborhood and like the items featured above, stop by (56 East Andrews Drive) and say hello to Kim, Lucy and the rest of the ladies (and gents) that work there. It’s worth noting that Lucy arranged all of the beautiful botanicals herself and they, too, are for sale or you can put in a custom order.

What are your springtime entertaining musts? I’d love to know!

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