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I started this post the other day and then had an experienced which slightly changes my tune. My initial thought was, honestly, who doesn’t love Target? And what I meant by that was the experience of walking around to see where the store takes you. The well-designed products around every turn. The lookalikes that seem to abound this season. But, when I was walking around yesterday, I was followed by a masked man who wore a low hat and green jacket. He cut me off, I apologized and then we moved on. My gut thought something was off about the interaction, and I was right. Always trust your gut.

This man followed me through the store, canvasing my every move. I was in kids and crossed the store to get to grocery. There he was. Lurking. Luckily, any time I’m out alone with the kids (especially), I’m on high alert and I hope you’ll use this as a reminder to be on alert too.

I found a Target employee and told him the situation and he stayed with me to ensure I shopped, checked out and exited safely. I still love the pieces I got, but am shaken by the experience. I will be shopping online and via my app from now on.

If you’re in the mood to shop the Target sale from the comfort and safety of your home too, take a peek at a 25 pieces that are high on style, low on cost.

A few standout picks:

Larroude-inspired raffia clogs

Loewe-inspired and Celine-inspired sunnies

Zara Marine-inspired pants in several colors. Also love the blush and cream

Lululemon-inspired ribbed workout pants and top

New Balance-inspired sneaks for your little man

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