Riley Kinnane-Petersen

Inspiration comes from everywhere, just ask Riley Kinnane-Petersen, Creative Director of Little Lux, the whimsical, kids-focused branch of Gunner and Lux, a jewelry brand started by her dad. “I love Gucci, being in NYC, colored pencils and being outside.” The seven-year-old style setter was just on one of her beloved trips to the Big Apple, spending part of fashion week with J.Crew. Riley also made sure to stop by her favorite spot, the M&M’s World store in Times Square, before saying “see you later alligator” to the city and returning home to Atlanta.

When she’s not busy being featured in Teen Vogue, selling her wares to the likes of Barneys New York or filming a Little Lux Tips tutorial video, Riley enjoys having friends over, taking karate lessons and going to the movies. Stay tuned for a new BFF necklace slated to launch soon. “It’s something I’m very excited about!”

1. Have you had any memorable mentors? What advice have they shared that’s stuck with you?

I have met many amazing women who have businesses, like Lane Huerta (@lovelanedesigns), Rachel Baba (@seedfactory), Jen Gotch (@shopbando) and many others who I really look up to. Any advice that anyone gives me I ALWAYS listen to.

2. What is a typical day like working with your dad?

We talk about what needs to be done for the afternoon (when I get home) and what needs to get done for the rest of the week. We try and sit side by side so we can talk, but sometimes it’s easier for me to sit on the floor because he is old. I usually have lots of “Thank You” notes to write, and lots of cutting to do!

3. I loved your DIY fur gucci loafer tutorial! What are your favorite pair of shoes for spring?

I LOVE the Rockstud Rolling Ballerina from Valentino in black!!!

Also on the wish list…this Gucci fan and red shoulder bag, this J.Crew sweater, this Bobo Choses skirt (ed note: I, too, want all of these things!).

4. You’ve done SO much at such a young age. Do you have any visions for yourself as you get older? What do you want to do when you grow up?

Be a mom!

5. Last thing you do before bed?

My Papa and I read a few chapters of a book before I fall asleep. We finished all the Harry Potter Books, and are now reading Percy Jackson!

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