Natalie Bloomingdale

The SIL founder Natalie Bloomingdale, wearing a Keehn Deutch dress and a Scott Nelson clutch. Photograph by Bradley Mainz.

I stumbled on The SIL’s site after becoming obsessed with another girl’s dress (the gal in question is none other than The CEH’s effortlessly chic Diana Evans).

The founder of the buzziest online shop in recent memory, Natalie Bloomingdale, is also a Texas native and originally launched her site, The Stuff I Love, to give Tish Cox (designer of the dress I had to have and darling Dallas resident) a digital platform. What makes The SIL unique is it offers exclusives to its client base. This brilliant and sustainable business model ensures loyal fans and designer partnerships alike, while allowing Natalie to strategically and gradually build. After huge success with Tish, The SIL has since expanded to feature entrepreneurs from coast to coast, offering one-of-kind wares in some instances and Instagram eye candy in every case.

We spent five minutes with LA-based Natalie and got the scoop on all things The SIL, the best sushi spot in LA, The Izakaya on Third Street, and her favorite shoes. 

1. Have you had any memorable mentors? If so, how did you meet? What advice have they shared that’s stuck with you?

Yes! I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible individuals – my former bosses have all greatly impacted my career. I worked for Lance Avery Morgan, a magazine editor and entrepreneur – I seek advice from him and credit him with shaping my trajectory in to PR. He introduced me to the PR mastermind Lara Shriftman, who gave me my first job out of college. I learned the value of contacts and relationships during my time at her power PR firm, Harrison & Shriftman. Following that period in LA, I absolutely loved working at The Richards Group in Dallas. There, I worked under principals Stacie Barnett and Ruth Fitzgibbons – two exceptional
leaders. I look up to them and admire their graceful and professional approach to client
service… they taught me so very, very much (along with Nicolette Lamont!)

2. Tell me about the genesis and evolution of The SIL. I’ve read that initially you wanted to give women a place to shop Tish Cox online and now you’ve grown it to be one of the buzziest sites in recent memory.

Why, thank you! Yes, I launched The SIL to give Tish Cox an Internet platform, really. People would want to know where they could buy her fabulous pieces, and living in LA, the only option was to fly to Dallas and visit on a week day, as her store was closed on weekends! It has been an absolute delight to see The SIL grow and evolve to include other talented designers and collaborations.

3. I think you’ve nailed the sense of discovery that makes shopping fun. When you see something you love, do you approach the designer? Are designers beating down your door? Let us into your process!

It’s been a mix! I have had friends introduce me to new brands and have had designers cold call The SIL – which has led to great conversations and new alignments. I just discovered an Italian designer who only creates bespoke – I’m really hoping to bring an exclusive piece of hers to my site in time for holiday.

4. You feature female designers exclusively. Any new loves we need to know about?

New to The SIL are exclusive pieces by Lees Pearson and La Vie Style House. Lees creates exquisite bags from exotic skins out of her home base in Aspen. Lindsey and Jamie, co- founders of La Vie Style House, have nailed the art of creating a silhouette that flatters all body types – the caftan. Theirs are chic with strong branding – meaning you know a La Vie caftan when you see one!

A chic La Vie caftan, seen above.

A custom Lees Pearson creation.

5. Best restaurant you’ve been to lately?

I am a creature of habit – so it depends what I’m after. I do love the grilled cheese at The Mark Hotel in New York, and sushi at The Izakaya on Third Street in Los Angeles.

6. Heels or flats?

I’m always in Chanel flats in the daytime. Although I came across a saying on someone’s Instagram, “flats are for quitters” – which made me LOL.

Thank You Natalie!

Natalie’s site is full of treasures (in exclusive colorways) like the below Tish Cox dress (next on my list!). Hope you find something you love. xx

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