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How to Build Your Travel Wardrobe

How to Love Your Trip Wardrobe

Now that we’ve finally (!) been traveling again, wanted to share a few of my tricks for loving my outfits on a trip. In my opinion, travel outfits are always better since they’re more thought out. Here’s how I think through what I’ll bring in my travel wardrobe!

  1. Match the Vibe
    • Do a bit of research…I love to look up local bloggers and see what the gals there wear. If you’re traveling to a specific hotel, you can also check the Instagram geotag and get an idea of how people are dressing.
  2. Pick a Color Palette
    • Once you know the vibe, one of the best ways to maximize outfit options and last minute adventures that pop up is to pack is with a certain aesthetic or color palette in mind. Pieces can work harder for you this way!
  3. Make a Mood Board
    • Now that you’ve got an idea of what the vibe and color scheme is, get on Canva and get to work. Screenshot web imagery of favorite pieces that you own and ones on your wish list to ensure they’ll work together.
  4. Pre-Shop
    • Give yourself enough time to order pieces that might be missing from your trip wardrobe. I prefer pre-shopping for clothes because then there is less pressure to find something on your trip, and it’s much more fun to happen upon something than try to force it.

Hope you enjoy these travel wardrobe mood boards to get you started!

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