The Best of Autumn/Winter 2016

Having concepted Born on Fifth in November, I shot several outfits that never had anywhere to live…until now. If you’d like to take a stroll through memory lane with me, here are my favorite outfits from the Autumn/Winter 2016 season…a lot of these items will be staples in my wardrobe for seasons to come!

I find that my go-to uniform as of late has been a simple top, a jacket (or heavier coat in the rare instance it’s cold) and jeans. I must admit, I wear a lot of Zara…all of these outfits include pieces from the brand.

What were your favorite fall trends that you plan to hang on to for future seasons? I plan to wear these velvet heels and slippers until they have holes in the bottom!


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Leopard Look

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Navy Jacket Look

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Brown Statement Sleeve

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