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Working out is something that’s always been a stress reliever for me and post-baby, incorporating fitness into my daily routine has definitely helped me feel like myself again. Since I usually work out early, my workout wardrobe is down to a bit of a black-and-white science. Here are some of my go-to gym pieces.


1 // A Great Bra...On the Cheap

Since I don’t have much to write home about up top (i.e. support is not an issue for me), I have a hard time spending a lot of money here…unless, of course, you plan to wear it to be seen. This is a good go-to, but I also love the C9 bras at Target!

2 & 3 // Good Looking Leggings

There are, of course, a million choices. I’m pretty consistent with my affinity for black leggings. I recently tested a Spanx pair and they are AMAZING. My other favorites are Ultracor and Koral.

4 // Tie-able Tank

Tying my tank top during workouts helps me keep my core pulled in (so much so that my back is having issues…but that’s a story for another day).

5 // Cropped Top

The sweatshirts I find myself buying lately are streamlined…some even cropped. Hey, if you’re working hard for the body, mine as well show it off. This one wins for most unique!

6 // Accessories

From hair ties to water bottles to a gym bag that can double as a purse, I keep everything neutral.

Simple Sneaks

When I’m working out with weights, I usually wear my less-than-cute but very sturdy Asics. Otherwise, I go for something simple by Nike or Zara. If I’m headed to Stellar Bodies, I either slip on some Stellas or Isabel Marant boots, depending on the weather.


Lately I’ve favored Vega Protein, but there are some newbies coming to the market soon that I can’t wait to try.

What are your must-haves when it comes to working out? I’d love to hear what keeps you motivated!

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