Post-Baby Workout Routine

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I’ve done to get back in shape post-baby. It’s an interesting topic, because physically I’m doing almost the same workouts as before, but I feel more mentally connected than pre-pregnancy (I guess the mind/body thing has merit!).

Whether it’s holding my core in tighter, not stopping as often during my workout or making sure to hydrate properly, I’ve been motivated in a different way since having Elle. Also, I’m typically wearing these, these or these high-waisted leggings which definitely makes a difference.

I’m no trainer (mine is great though and I’d highly recommend him!) so take this all with a grain of salt. I’ve also gone through ebbs and flows with energy levels (sometimes I forget to take a day off and that catches up with you).

Megaformer Classes

Stellar Bodies, the first Atlanta-based Lagree studio, pushes me to my limits (and has for five years). The workout, which takes place on a Megaformer machine and uses springs combinations to add resistance, has never gotten easier, but I’ve grown to understand it more (moves are slow, transitions are fast…I am better at the transitions than the moves to be honest). Free weights are used to take intensity up a level and the instructors offer variations for those new to the class. There are also challenges from time-to-time that incorporate a nutritional component.  

I try to do this class at least four times a week, and as often as six. The Lagree website has a studio locator so if you’re traveling, you can find a similar workout *almost* nationwide.

Weight Training

It’s important to balance a workout like Stellar Bodies with strength training or else, as I’ve recently found, your spine can start to curve inwards (as the chiropractor said: it doesn’t matter how hard you workout if you’re going to have a hunched back, I’m afraid).

I’m lucky to have found a home at Eclipse One-on-One…my trainer got me into wedding shape and has helped me get my pre-baby body back (and then some). We’ll be working on getting my back as strong as my core to alleviate the curve in my spine.

Typically we split sessions into legs, upper body and also incorporate HIIT as well. Two to three strength sessions a week is ideal.


When it’s nice out, we walk…and walk…and walk. Walking was hard for me prior to having a baby. I thought it was boring. I thought it wasn’t doing anything for me. I realize now that walking is as much a time to clear my head as it is a time to get my heart rate going.

So there you have it. If you have specific questions, I encourage you to reach out to my trainer, Jeff Toney, for a consultation.

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