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Take Five: On Home and Personal Style

Initially, when concepting Born on Fifth, I wasn’t sure that I was going to document my home. But I’ve decided to share some glimpses with you since I think it’s reflective of my personal style at this moment. My hope is that this will be a big part of where I’ll evolve over time, much as I have with the way I dress (I say that because I’ve found it’s easier to change a pair of shoes than it is a couch).

Ideally, even as years pass, certain themes will hold true. For example I always want my home to reflect sophistication and warmth. Long before Pinterest, I kept an inspiration binder and when referencing it recently, I was able to pull out pieces that still spoke to me and that, by no small chance, are reflected in my home.

The major themes I found are key parts of my wardrobe, too, even if they come to light in the form of a shoe or a bag (which is where most of the color and excitement in my closet is found). It’s been interesting to analyze these trends since I am a self-proclaimed fan of neutrals.

As a side note, I find that two of the interior designers I’m most drawn to use more color than I initially thought I liked: Melanie Turner and Christine Dovey.





Do your interiors and wardrobes favor each other? How would you describe your style?

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