What’s Your Most-Used Space? Here’s Ours

Where Do You Live?

…And I don’t mean literally. I’m always interested to find out where people spend the most time in their homes. For us, it’s in the kitchen. (Edit: See more photos of my kitchen decor here.) The kitchen was the heart of our home in our last house, and it is here too. We are lucky that our kitchen space is bigger…giving us more room to spread out and enjoy our surroundings. But guess what, we still all end up around the kitchen counter.

We’re Kitchen People!

I was excited when we were working on the kitchen and Clary (our darling interior designer and dear friend) suggested these Serena & Lily counter stools. The performance beach stripe cushions in costal blue were a natural pick for their family-friendly and stain-resistant nature (hello, we have a three year old!). The stools put Elle at the perfect height and I love that when we’re spending time together in the kitchen be it arranging flowers or making banana bread, I’m not worried about what’s spilling and where. So Elle has easy access to the sink, I grabbed this cute and functional step stool too.

The whole Serena & Lily brand is one of my favorites, especially as we’ve been doing this house. While my style gears towards traditional, the existing living area and kitchen had some inherent California vibes that work well with the brand’s signature natural fiber offerings. The rattan stools fit right in to this fresh take on casual dining vibe, which Serena & Lily has nailed.

While we aren’t revealing the whole house yet, if you’ve been reading Born on Fifth for a while, you know I was a blush girl true and true. Thanks to Clary’s influence I’ve become more intrigued by blue on its own lately (green too!). I had to have these napkins and this runner to accent the kitchen. They coordinate perfectly with the blue and white china that I’ve collected over the last decade. And while I’m not nervous about our counter stools, we did opt for a marble counter top that’s prone to staining, so I typically put napkins out (since they’re easier to throw in the wash than placemats)…these napkins have been pulling double duty for me! I also love using napkins to mop up messes when floral arranging or create a clean workspace when we’re baking.

Take a look at how we live…

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I hope you enjoyed this peek at life at our kitchen counter! I wanted to thank Serena & Lily for sponsoring this post. It’s a true honor to work with a brand I love so much (full disclosure: we paid for these stools ourselves and picked them well before this collaboration). If you’re interested in more of Clary’s work, you can check out Clary Bosbyshell Design here.

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