Friend Having a Baby? Here’s What to Buy Them

The Very Best Baby Gifts to Give

Your friend is having a baby! Mazel! Here’s what to give them. If you’re expecting, start here when buying things for yourself or building your registry.

  1. Sleep-Forward Gifts. The most important thing to keep a new mama (and therefore her babe) healthy is sleep. I am a big fan of checking things off people’s registry, but if they don’t have a registry or it’s not their first babe, love giving our favorite swaddles, or the Slumber Pod.
  2. Make Life Easier Gifts. They’re not nursing or need to supplement? Baby Brezza. They don’t like to cook and have specific ways of eating? Uber Eats gift card. Solve their problems, the true sign of a friend.
  3. On-the-Go Gifts. There are new additions to the baby market daily it seems, and everything keeps getting better looking. I love our portable shusher, but this better looking and easier to transport one is what I would get if I was expecting again, and will purchase for a few new mamas I know. Love the complementary sound machine and nightlight for baby’s room.
  4. Something Sentimental. Are they collecting anything? Do they love a framed photo? Some of the most special gifts we’ve gotten include a silver frame with baby’s details (name, birthday, weight, etc.) and silver spoons or a baby place setting from Tiffany & Co.
  5. A Refreshing Gift. We love our Weezie Towels, and they’re a great gift to give a new mama. Yes, their baby collection is sweet, but love gifting towels for their next stage or a comfy robe for mama to live in the first month when she isn’t getting dressed.

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