What We’re Buying for Baby Round Three

Sharing Our New Baby Must-Haves

My most requested post as of late…what are you buying for baby. We got a lot of new things when I was pregnant with Jennings (a lot had changed since I was pregnant with Elle many moons ago), so you’ll see those items and I will also share our tried and true products that we loved with Elle (and if we’re reusing or rebuying them).

I’ll break it up into categories, which I hope you find helpful. I’ll also do a master checklist of baby must-haves that will update as I continue to shop (feeling a little behind this time, honestly). Also, feel free to shop the boutique, which is where I’m linking clothes (in addition to a highlight reel of the below)!

Baby Essentials

Baby Gear

  • Strollers
    • Uppa Baby Vista
      • I had this stroller with Elle and accidentally backed over it (Elle was inside the house and the stroller was not in its normal position, alas). We bought the updated one with a leather handle and love it! I love all of the accessories it comes with too (the main difference between the Vista and the Cruz is that you can make the Vista work for more than one child…up to three, in fact). Bonus, it now comes in pink!
      • A new accessory we will order (two of) is this footmuff to keep both boys warm during winter walks!
    • Baby Zen Umbrella Stroller
      • We have and love this umbrella stroller which is so easy to travel with (it fits in the overhead compartment on airplanes). There is also a shoulder strap, which came in handy when we were in Europe and had to walk flights of stairs in the absence of an elevator. It’s my top must-have for post newborn stage.
  • Car Seat
    • Uppa Baby Mesa
      • For our infant carseat, we love the Mesa which clips in to the Vista stroller base! Make sure you get additional bases if you’ll have multiple drivers (makes it easier than switching a secure base each time).
    • Doona Carseat Stroller
      • If we didn’t already have a carseat I would likely go for this one as it has gotten great reviews! We may choose to get it for travel.
    • Nuna Rava
      • This is what we have for both older kids currently and I’m obsessed with it, though I’m not sure the combo will fit three across (Elle is 34 pounds and you can’t graduate to a booster until 40 pounds, so we’ve got some time yet). I’ve heard good things about the Radian, so we may have to try it if we don’t fit.


  • Play Mat
    • Baby Play Mat Tiles
      • This one is amazing as not only is it foam, it allows you to build a little wall, so baby can’t roll off the mat.
  • Loungers / Play Gyms
    • Boppy
      • This didn’t work as a nursing pillow for us, but my doula we could use as a lounger, so we did (also helped us prop up when looking up and around at our play gym). Here’s a sweet cozy cover for it.
    • Play Gym
      • Just ordered this one for the new baby (one of the only things I’m getting). We love our Lovevery set up, but think because I’ll be around the house more with the other kids, having a second option will be nice.
    • Blanket
      • At the beginning, we lounged on this blanket for tummy time and for looking up at our play gym.
    • DockATot
      • I bought this after I had Elle (it wasn’t around when she was an infant) in anticipation of a future baby and used a good bit with Jennings when he was young!
    • DockATot Cover
      • Sadly my toile one is long gone, but this neutral is nice.
  • Seats
    • Babybjorn Bouncer 
      • We called this the magic pink chair with Elle, and got two more for Jennings! Still a number one baby must-have for us.
    • Theophile & Patachou 
      • This toile seat I got for Jennings was the subject of many questions! Linked here. Shipping is expensive but it’s gorgeous. There’s also a nice selection of their products on the Harrod’s website.


  • Diapers
    • Coterie
      • Started using these with Jennings and they’re great! One of the few things we subscribe to…we get diapers and wipes! Their subscription is easy to set up and change (size, frequency) and you can subscribe to multiple sizes at the same time, which will be great as we will have two in diapers!
  • Changing Pad Liners
  • Diaper Pail
    • Ubbi Diaper Pail
      • We have this one as the colors match Jennings’ nursery (also pretty is the sage green)…but people either love it or hate it. Bonus, you can use regular trash bags or these bags that don’t leave an odor.
    • Munchkin
      • I had an older version of this with Elle and it never smelled. It does use specific bags, which was annoying when we ran out (it only happened a couple of times). The bags are also good for travel (as they kept hotel rooms stink-free).


  • Bottles and Sippy Cups
    • Gerber Bottle
      • We used these for both babies and will try them again. Elle had reflux and Jennings was a spitter, but these bottles seemed to work for them (we tried others and had the same reflux/spitting issues). Not my recommendation anymore…see next bullet 😉
    • Dr. Browns Bottles
      • Now my recommendation! We did make a change when I accidentally got the wrong size slow flow nipples for the Gerber bottles and realized it upon coming home with a hungry George. We had these unopened in a box in the attic from when Elle was testing bottles and tried them…they have been MAGICAL for us and I regret not using for both other kids. Not a single drop of spit up yet!
    • Dr. Browns Sippy Cup
      • We introduced this before dropping the bottle and use it now for water during the day and milk at night. It’s so easy for Jennings to hold.
    • Nuk Sippy Cup
      • Post-dropping the bottle, love this for milk before nap time and when we wake up in the morning.
  • Early Feeding Seat
    • Bumbo
      • We have this seat and used it often when it was time to start “solids” (this is my favorite color). We also have the tray, which helps for feeding.
  • High Chair
    • Stokke Clikk
      • We used this once Jennings was sitting well on his own and it’s nice as it slides up to our table.
    • Inglesina Table Chair
      • We’ve loved this for Jennings as he can sit next to Elle at the counter and clean up is a bit easier than it was with other traditional high chair (he throws food, Elle never did!).
  • Bib
    • Kissy Kissy
      • This brand has to be the softest around…we loved these baby bibs for Elle, mostly with bottle meals.
    • Louelle 
      • These have to be the best-looking bibs I’ve seen, and love that the tie in back enables you to change the size as baby grows. There’s also this version for bigger kids, to protect their clothes as they learn to feed themselves!
    • Silicone Bibs
      • These became more readily available between Elle and Jennings. We love! Jennings now refuses a bib, but these were a staple between 4-6 months and a year and a half.
  • Meal Time


  • Pump
    • Spectra S1
      • This will be my at-home pump for the second time (I’ll also bring it to the hospital to encourage milk supply). I had the S2 with Elle (as I wanted the pink at the time). The difference between the two is that with the S2, you’re tethered to the wall plug-in, but the S1 is chargeable.
    • Elvie
      • This will be on on-the-go pump! I’m going for this over the Willow since it’s apparently quieter, and the functionality of the two are otherwise equal (from what I’ve read).
  • Pillow
    • Brest Friend
      • So much more comfortable than the Boppy (in my opinion!). We do have the Boppy, however, and use it for a tummy time aide. Just ordered this quilted cover.
    • Cover
  • Burp Cloths
    • Gerber’s Cloth Diapers
      • Another recommendation from our doula. These are meant to get messy, so it’s no use spending too much money on the ones you’ll use daily and around the house.
    • Kissy Kissy
      • Love these sweet cloths when we’re out and about.
    • The Beaufort Bonnet Company
      • This also falls into the category of pretty! The shape of this one is good, and I’m excited to use it when baby and I are out of the house. The girl options are precious!


  • Crib
  •  Mirror
  • Monitor
    • Nanit Pro with Floor Stand
      • This monitor didn’t exist when Elle was born and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Also love the floor stand so the walls don’t get damaged! We bought this for travel. We will set up and iPad to be our “monitor screen” as this is a smart monitor and connects seamlessly to your phone (or iPad) but doesn’t have a home base.
  • Bathroom Sconces
  • Hangers & Dividers
    • Blue and White Gingham & Space Savers
      • Not much to say here beyond these are the cutest ones I’ve found!
    • Gingham Blue Size Dividers
      • I haven’t ordered these yet (not sold on the font), but they’re the cutest ones I’ve seen thus far. We didn’t use dividers with Elle, just organized everything by size/length (since brands can vary).
  • Art
    • Kayce Hughes
      • Precious and pretty for adults, with just enough whimsy for baby.
    • Riley Sheehey
      • This whimsical gingham bunny alphabet will be the perfect addition to the nursery.


  • Swaddle
    • Swaddle Me
      • These are the swaddles we used at the beginning (because we know they worked for Elle). They’re quite easy to use and I’ll be bringing them to the hospital.
    • Ollie Swaddle
      • These weren’t around when Elle was born but we used for Jennings and loved!
  • Sleep Sack
    • Kyte 
      • This is something that didn’t exist (I don’t think) when Elle was born but became our absolute number one (we still use it to this day with Jennings). They are SO SOFT and comfortable, and come in multiple temperature weights.
    • Louelle
      • The loveliest one I’ve seen!
    • Merlin
      • We attempted this as Jennings transitioned out of the swaddle and he was not a fan, but some people love.
  • Travel Crib
    • Baby Bjorn
      • I have loved using this with each child when we’re on the go, especially when they’re infants. It’s nice to bring your own sheets, know they’re secure and not worry.

Bath Time

  • Bath Seat
    • Angel Care
      • We had this one for Elle and loved it! She was also not a very wiggly baby.
    • Skip Hop 
      • We used this for Jennings and I liked that it held water in it, so just depends on your bath style. If you have a wiggly baby, I wouldn’t use past 6 months.
    • Sit-Up Seat
      • We may try this one this go-round when baby turns 6 months old and can sit up. The one we used for Jennings got moldy and was hard to get in and out of, so can’t recommend.
  • Tub Mat
    • Love this one as it sticks to our tub which has a bit of texture on bottom. May not need until your babies are out of their bath seats, but nice to have.

Other Baby Must-Haves

  • Pacifiers
    • Jolly Pop 
      • Our doula recommended these and suggested bringing a few to the hospital. Elle used Avent paci’s and her teeth were quite impacted (which may be a result of any paci, honestly). After dropping her paci at 2.5, her teeth totally shifted and are perfect now.
    • Avent Paci
      • This is what both kids ended up using (especially loved the ones with the lovies on them!).
    • Wubbanubs
      • The aforementioned favorites…have all different animals. I always picked multiple of the same animal as they’ll have a favorite.
    • Bibs
      • I will admit that I bought these solely based on design…I love how they look (Danish design) and the colors they come in. A friend said her daughter loves this paci after seeing me post it, so I feel confident in trying it!

I’ll continue to update this post with more baby must-haves as I buy things for each category! Please feel free to comment below if you are looking for something specific.

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