Tips on Throwing a Sophisticated Super Bowl Party

It’s Almost Super Bowl Sunday!

Are you entertaining? I partnered with Sur La Table to bring you this sophisticated Super Bowl party spread that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration! I’m sharing a few of my tried and true tips below, and am excited to share a new hack (that perhaps you all have already thought of?!). Read on and let me know!

My Favorite Tips for Easy Entertaining

  1. Stick with a color theme! It’s easy to elevate your party by picking dishes, linens and floral in the same general color family. It’s easy on the eyes and you’ll end up building a collection of pieces you love and can reuse.
  2. Buy grocery store flowers! Some of the most beautiful blooms I find are at places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. If you’re not comfortable creating an arrangement, stick with several bunches of the same variety!
  3. Do a test run! I often set serving dishes and linens out a week or so in advance to be sure I have time to fill in any gaps.
  4. Make it work! This new tip that just came to me as I was preparing this spread. If your dip recipe calls for a different size dish, don’t fret. Make it as you would (slightly adjusting cooking time if it’s a recipe that you put in the oven)…then just move all of the dip to the center of the dish, surround with crackers and cover with parsley. Voila! You look as if you knew what you were doing all along.

Here are the dishes I used for this Super Bowl party:

  • This platter is my favorite and I love using it to make a cheese board. Learned this from my friend Clary Bosbyshell.
  • This baking dish is 13×9, and is a substantial size to fit recipes that call for 8×8 dishes with two rows of crackers flanking them.
  • This bowl is perfect for popcorn or fruit, when you’re done with your Super Bowl party.
  • And this serving board, which is perfect for bite-site bits (I got the smaller one). For easy clean up, put a tablecloth down on your island. This is a great choice!

How Do You Pick What You’re Serving?

I decided to serve a dip…it is the Super Bowl after all, a cheese board, as this was a sophisticated take on Super Bowl, and some bite size bites like Spinach balls from Trader Joe’s and popcorn. If you’re in need of the perfect recipe or pre-made food┬álike cheese and appetizers, Sur La Table also has amazing choices. I default to keeping it easy…the less stress on you, the hostess, the more fun had by all!

And since the Falcons aren’t in the Super Bowl this year…go Rams!

Thank you to Sur La Table for sponsoring this post and allowing me to continue doing what I love.

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