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My Skincare Routine

Have you seen the meme with the 90’s platform flip slides (iykyk) that says: if you owned these it’s time for night serum? I saw it floating around recently and felt personally attacked. How did they know I haven’t been consistently doing a skincare routine? It also made me feel like I’m not alone in finally taking skincare seriously.

My dermatologist has long-recommended Revision Skincare and I’ve built up quite the cabinet of the products over time, but it took me seeing that very direct call-to-action to have something in my brain click. It also just so happens that Revision Skincare just came out with arguably their best product yet, DEJ Daily Boosting Serum. Their newest innovation uses a patented Sunflower Sprout Extract technology to boost the skin’s cellular energy and slow down skin’s cellular aging. This means the serum fights fatigued skin, and as a mom of three, I need all the help fighting fatigue (skin or otherwise) that I can get. The Sunflower Sprout Extract technology also helps the skin act younger, which means it’s time to prepare yourself for the compliments.

Most notably, I’ve noticed that the DEJ Daily Boosting Serum literally makes my skin glow, which technically means it’s improving skin radiance. All I know is I look better in real life and in photos.

You can use the DEJ Daily Boosting Serum on all parts of your face, including under your eyes. And while of course specific DEJ Eye Cream only adds to the benefits, as someone who is just getting started I love that this product keeps thing simple.

My current routine is:

You can shop for all of the products here!

Revision Essentials

Thank you to Revision Skincare for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to stay consistent with my skincare routine!

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