Pretty Picks for Your Patio and Table

This Frontgate outdoor dining set (c/o) is precious. The blue patio chairs feel like they bring our grandmillennial interior style to the outdoors. Town Country Coast chair bows (c/o) are also must! 

Grandmillennial Patio Decor

If springtime 2020 taught our family anything, it was learning to love being at home. We’re making our way out a bit these days, but I am still drawn to wanting to entertain in our garden, like I did last month in bringing my Rosé and Roses party to fruition. Below, I’ve rounded up some of the prettiest patio pieces that work outdoors or in, and hope you love them as much as I do.

Also, both Frontgate and Serena & Lily (two brands perfect for grandmillennial style home decor) are offering special pricing on patio and outdoor dining pieces as we speak. I have loved all of our pieces from both brands. We also typically use candles, but recently added these rechargeable table lamps to our repertoire and I’m obsessed.

Click the links below to shop each piece…Many of which are available at Bows & Blue!

Pretty Patio Decor + Table Essentials

We spend a lot of time among our outdoor space throughout the year, whether it’s to play, relax, or entertain. Perhaps you do too, or are interested in making the most of your area’s sunniest days by bringing the indoors out. The sky’s the limit, but here’s my personal checklist for styling any garden patio:

  1. A timeless patio set of table and chairs you know you’ll return to again and again.
  2. Lounge furniture (These days you can find outdoor furniture to fit any size patio; my personal favorites are shown above)
  3. Outdoor-friendly tabletop and glassware such as these sweet monogrammed melamine plates…Though I like to pull from my main collection for most of our outdoor meals, it makes gathering all the more special and allows me to get creative with styling.
  4. One (or a few) beautiful tablecloths to complement your furniture and tabletop picks.
  5. Patio umbrella(s)
  6. Lighting

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