The Perfect Pieces for the Alice in Wonderland Obsessed

The most perfect Alice in Wonderland dress and headband.

Disney Alice in Wonderland by Janie and Jack is Here!

As you may remember, this past year Elle dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. The costume was a big hit, we celebrate unbirthdays often and my Sister-in-Law even gave her an “Elle in Wonderland” book for Hanukkah because Alice was basically all Elle talked about for months. So, you can imagine our DELIGHT when one of our favorite children’s clothing brands, Janie and Jack, shared their new Alice in Wonderland collection with us. The pieces are pure perfection. From the bow-adorned headband and Alice’s quintessential blue dress, complete with puff sleeves, to the darling “big girl bag” and sweat set (that’s honestly the cutest and most casual look Elle may have ever worn beyond pajamas), we love it all and I think you will too. Just look at Elle’s smile!

You can shop the Alice in Wonderland by Janie and Jack collection on their website and in stores.

Our Favorite Pieces from The Collection

Elle wears a size 3, which is perfect in this dress (she is on the very petite side!). 

Alice always makes us feel a little mad (quirky and unpredictable, that is)!

Elle let me get in on the fun in my most Alice-like ensemble!

Elle wears a size 3 in the sweat set. As with most pants, they are big at the waist, but a cute jogger length. The top is a bit cropped in nature, so could have sized up! 

Thanks to our friends at Janie and Jack for sponsoring this post and allowing us to share the sweetest new pieces with you all

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