What Does Your Linen Closet Look Like? Here’s Mine!

Matouk Towels c/o Perigold. Baskets purchased here

Have you ever thrown in the towel?

I mean literally, in this case. After letting “stuff” take over our home, I decided that enough was enough and declared it the summer of organization at the Hertz House. I spent nearly an entire week turning over almost every corner of our casa.

Some time has passed and my motivation has faded leaving a few tubs here and there, but so far, the work that’s done is sticking. (Thank goodness!).

The Linen Closet of My Dreams

One of my many projects was organizing our linen closet, which was actually not among the worst offenders.

I was particularly motivated to get this space in order as we are now the proud owners of new towels and I am SO excited. (Seriously, the things that excite you as an adult!).

Our wedding towels are starting to get holes in them, so when the lovely team at Perigold reached out to partner together on a home-related blog post I jumped at the chance. If you haven’t been to their site, it’s full of fabulous brands that you likely know and love (from Juliska to Bunny Williams Home) and has everything you could dream of to furnish every room in your house (even the outdoor spaces, too!).

Pretty Towels Make the Space

Our bathroom looks much more sophisticated too, now that it’s adorned with Matouk Linens, which feel so luxurious and grown up. We got both bath towels (for my hair) and bath sheets (which you must try if you haven’t already…they’re so big!). Of course we got wash cloths and hand towels too.

Take a look and let me know what you think. I’d love to know your favorite brand of bath towels as well. Perigold has such a wide range of options, I may have to upgrade Elle’s baby towels next.

Thanks to Perigold for sponsoring this post. I hope you’ll consider checking out their seriously swoon-worthy site!

I love the classic chain style, especially in light blue! 

Obsessed with these pajamas. Isn’t the dress adorable?!

This ring dish (which was literally $5 and is the best deal in town) is a recent addition from Gramercy. Go in or call the store to purchase.  

Special thanks to my talented intern Niamh Wilkins for taking these photos!

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