Hint Hint, Here’s What Mama Wants for Mother’s Day

Discussing what would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift with Elle. 

Happy *Almost* Mother’s Day, Gals

This holiday is one of my favorites. It’s springtime, the flowers are blooming and it’s a non-birthday occasion on which gifts are given (hence my lovely guide below…the perfect resource to share with your gift giver!).

This holiday is also bittersweet. Given my recent struggles to give Elle a sibling, my eyes have been opened to a huge community of women who want nothing more than to be a mama. It makes me realize how lucky I am to get to celebrate this day as a mother, and breaks my heart for those who aren’t granted the same privilege and are just as worthy of celebration.

Whether you are a mom or want to be one, are celebrating your mama or have a four-legged child, I hope you have a special day on May 12. Here are some ideas of what to ask for! Would be so honored if you shared this with your gift giver and beyond.

The Floral Fan

  1. This champagne bucket is semi-custom and doubles as the perfect vase
  2. The prettiest serving bowl I ever did see
  3. A botanical serum that makes a top-tier gift
  4. My favorite bloom-filled bag of the moment
  5. Sweet daisies make these earrings a lovely spring memento
  6. The perfect scarf to add a bit of floral fancy to any tote or outfit
  7. This wicker lady bag channels the most gorgeous garden decor

The Elegant Exemplar

  1. A gorgeous pitcher to flank her shelves
  2. The perfect petite summer bag she can take on her travels
  3. This pearl-laden barrette that her daughters will want to snag
  4. A reminder of how sophisticated tennis time can be, via my favorite photographer
  5. Chic sunnies for your mummy
  6. The watch to give if you’ve hit the mother jackpot (and the actual lottery jackpot)
  7. My favorite lamp, to let her know she’s lit your way
  8. A travel trolley that puts all others suitcases to shame

The New Mama

  1. Feather-trimmed pajamas to make her feel dressed up without having to change
  2. A canvas cosmetics bag for all her post-birth panty liners (yes, really!)
  3. The sweetest journal to capture her thoughts, and to pass down to her littles one day
  4. Truly the most important gift…that of coffee
  5. This silk pillowcase, for the few moments she can catch a wink
  6. Pretty pink dish gloves that also function as a sponge (pump parts, people!)
  7. Molecular cosmetic drops to give her that “I’ve slept” glow
  8. A beautiful ottoman where she can rest her feet

The Paw Patroller

  1. A bamboo frame set to capture her love for fido
  2. This sweet small keychain case for her quick dog walks
  3. A fancy ring so her pup can be with her on nights out
  4. The sweatshirt to top all sweatshirts at the dog park
  5. Everyone’s favorite part of the day: meal time! Here, chic bowls for your pup too
  6. These crops will help her show who wears the pants as alpha dog of the house
  7. This gingham dog bed to make her dog mom of the year
  8. Sweet sneaks to make a fashion statement on those strolls

Another Way to Shop

Last Minute Local Favorites

Sometimes last minute shopping happens! Here are a few local favorites if you need some ideas.

  1. Anything from South of Hampton! This darling monogram shop has ample options and quick turn-times
  2. A basket from Lucy’s Market makes a lovely gift…food, gifts and home decor aplenty
  3. Bling from Tassels will ensure she feels like mom of the year

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