Easter and Passover Outfit Ideas for You and Your Littles

Happy Almost Easter and Passover, friends!

Excited to bring you more regular content … I have been all over the place lately with the IVF and miscarriage and appreciate your support as this is my favorite creative outlet. Looking forward to treating it as more of a full time job and seeing where I can take it.

That said, the feedback this week was so helpful. I am thrilled knowing you want more fashion content from me (outfit ideas, how to style your family in complementary outfits, matching mama and mini outfits, the whole bit). So…without further ado, here are some Easter and Passover outfit picks. I am going to be showing them a few ways … as a style board, via links and in a grid. That way, no matter how you like to shop, I’ve got you covered.

Shirt Dressy Casual

Love these outfits for those who don’t get as dressed up for church or Passover seder, or, for those who may change out of their fancy clothes when they get home. Still such a sophisticated look (and many of these are actually pieces that can be easily dressed up if you want to wear them from formal to family affairs). This one is well under $100 and is a beauty.

Easter and Passover outfit ideas for mommy and me

Feminine Florals

You really can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous dress options for an Easter or Passover outfit. I love a sleeve, as it makes the dress instantly more versatile (think work, weekend date night, services, etc.). And, all of these happy options would go beautifully with this one pair of simple yet chic shoes, that also happen to be a steal. If you want to splurge, this is a winner.

Easter and Passover Outfit Ideas

A Family Affair

I love a mama and me outfit and this new, very affordable collection has caught my attention. Also love the idea of dressing in a complementary way so you can coordinate in photos without looking like you tried! Staying in a color palette is the best way to accomplish this in my humble opinion.

Easter and Passover Outfit Ideas

For the Gals

Obsessed with these darling dresses for your little ladies! These are all on the higher end, pieces that you’ll have and pass down (or sell!) when you’re done with them. There are some great reasonably priced options for little guys and gals here. This is one of my favorite brands for Elle. While a little bit more expensive, the pieces are classics that transcend time (and are coveted on the resale market). Check out this Easter shop…so precious! Also love this precious necklace by our friends Gunner & Lux. Perfect for an Easter basket.


For those of you who prefer scrolling, I present the following…

Thanks for your support!

I appreciate when you shop with my links (I make a small commission if you end up buying through the links and it’s the way I’m able to bring you content / keep my business going). I don’t take it for granted. I also value all of you who share that you’re inspired by my picks and want some more reasonably priced options, so I’ve tried to incorporate the looks I love at different price points from different retailers.

Looking forward to your feedback … and, as always, happy to help you shop directly! Just DM me @bornonfifth on Instagram.

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