Fifth of the Month: January

Happy New Year! 2024 is officially here and for me that means setting myself up to have the best 365 days as is possible. My resolution for the beginning of this year is to be present and intentional with each day. The best tip I have to keep my mind clear so I am able to reach this goal, is freeing my physical space from clutter and to visualize those desires. I spent all of New Year’s Day organizing my desk (where the magic happens) so I can bring the best version of myself to work. I wrote both my yearly and monthly goals in my favorite agenda and spent some time focusing on another of my favorite new years habits – creating mood boards. One of the habits I want to create this year is to put together a vision board at the start of each month. For January, I made a physical board that I will hang above my desk to remind me of my dreams every time I’m in this space and also used my iPad to bring life to some of the more detailed aspects of my life. I love using this pen anytime I’m on my iPad!

The Month Overall

There is something so satisfying about sitting down and actually taking the time to search through magazines, old books, and Pinterest for images that feel right and seeing everything come together on paper. This board helps put together all of the smaller aspects of my life into one cohesive vision.


January in Atlanta is still chilly. I was inspired by this chic winter time look. Tweed elevates an otherwise basic jacket.

Hosting and Gifting

Sometimes we can find it difficult to recognize beauty in the colder months. My favorite flowers aren’t yet in bloom – and we still have some time to go – so I want to start incorporating more floral designs into my decor and gifting ideas.


For me, the right planner makes all the difference. If I love the layout and actually feel that it is useful to me I am so much more motivated to create my daily to-do’s and weekly goals.

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