Displaying Family Photos on the First Floor…A Do or Don’t?

Where Do You Display Family Photos?

After an extended hiatus from posting on the blog, I’m back with an important question.

Who made the rule that you aren’t supposed to display family photos on the first floor?

I’d like to have a word. In an age of digital-first, I think now is an especially important time to print photos and display them proudly. And, what better place to do so than in the most cherished rooms in your home.

Our photo collection is, admittedly, not changed out enough. I often print photos (loving using the mpix site!), send a few to my grandmother, give some Elle’s uncles and aunts and call it a day. But, I’ve decided that in order to change that, you have to like your frames enough. If that’s the case, you’re more likely to make the photos more prominent.

Recently I had the chance to select some frames from the extensive selection on Perigold’s site. I went with Aerin frames. They are timeless and such high quality and also, importantly, match my aesthetic.

The frames are a lovely way to subtly evolve each room. You can have more casual photos in your family space and portraits or holiday card photos in the formal living area. Baby pictures are always a fan favorite too.

I also love the look and sentiment of photos on a vanity tray, so I’m employing that strategy (and, bonus, the tray makes it easy to move the vignette, from bedroom to bathroom and beyond).

Tell me, do you display family photos? Are you for or against photos on the main floor? Discuss, discuss. And, if you’re on the hunt for some beautiful frames, check out Perigold’s vast selection. Truly something for every style.

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