Behind the Scenes of Born on Fifth

Behind the Scenes of Born on Fifth

I often get asked what my day-to-day looks like and though no two days are the same (part of why I love what I do), I thought it would be fun to share some snaps that Mary Catherine came over and took while she was in between shoots.

I didn’t have anything planned beyond trying use the balloon backdrop from Jennings’ party for some Easter photos (which didn’t totally turn out as the sun wasn’t cooperating…not a cloud in the sky and we needed clouds), but I really love what was captured. The mess, the craziness, the sweetness of daily life.

Shooting an Easter Kids Tablescape

I bought the cutest pajamas from one of my favorite brands, Lake Pajamas, and thought it would be fun to try and capture what a sweet Easter kids table might look like. The kids weren’t that into it frankly and the sun was too bright even at 9 am. Alas, the table itself was cute!

Easter kids table, chairs, my pajamas, bathrobe, jasperware dish

gingham plates, floral plates, chocolate eggs, Easter basket sold out (similar here), cake stand, mini tureen, mini picnic baskets, paper cups, roses

Elle’s pajamas, hair bow, pink bunny, slippers (sold out, similar here)

jennings’ pajamas, shoes 

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Cleaning Up Jennings’ Second Birthday Party

One of my idiosyncrasies is that while I love to set up a pretty party, I have a very hard time taking it down. This means that we have bits and bops of all different parties going at all times. Mary Catherine was encouraging me to take down this party so we can move on to the next backyard adventure!

play house, my shoes, watering can, table, garden caddy, garden tools

An In-Between Moment

The kitchen is our catch-all and the day after Jennings’ birthday party it was an absolute disaster. But, even the mess is sweet. Michael is just off camera feeding George.

dog bowls, chandelier, platforms, robe, cup, hand sanitizer, tray, cake stand

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Closet Dance Party

Getting ready to shoot a couple outfits and Jennings accompanied me upstairs which led to a little dance party! As you can see, I have some cleaning up to do in my closet too.

pajamas, purple dress, green dress, blue dress, white basket bag, chinoiserie pumps, sweater, jennings’ loafers sold out (similar here), floral dress on counter, bebe basket tote by Tatoufa via Resort Little (sold out, similar here)

pajamas, tote bag, purple dress, blue heels, blush feather purse, similar chanel


Jennings is at a fun age, but boy is he busy! He ran from my closet so I had to chase him and stole some tickles in the mean time.

dress, shoes, daybed

Back to Snap Photos

Typically I don’t shoot in my closet, but today we were feeling the mess! Love this springy outfit, which I wore later in the week in Palm Beach.

dress, shoes (other sizes here), tote bag

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Off for a Walk

Mary Catherine was headed to her next shoot and I took Jennings on a walk. Now that it’s nice out, I try to get out with the boys a few times a week!

stroller, leggings, sneakers, cardigan, top

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Thanks for taking a peek behind the scenes with me!

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