What’s in My Makeup Bag: Beach Edition

My dress is from Nordstrom & similar beachy dresses are linked below.

The Beach Trip Edit

Whenever I’m getting ready to travel, one of my favorite rituals is pulling out my makeup bag and deciding what from my bathroom drawers makes the cut. Much like it’s easier to get dressed on vacation, I enjoy an edited beauty routine when I’m away. Less is more in my case and I thought I’d share what I’m bringing as we pack up and head to the beach.

My go-to product and one of the three things I would bring with me if I was deserted on a desert island: Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara (I like the waterproof for vacation, especially now that Elle’s learning to swim and I’m in the pool often). I have very blonde eyelashes and find that this mascara does the best job lifting, adding volume and staying put. I do like to add a few swipes of this Lash-Extension mascara as well.

I think I’ve been addicted to mascara ever since my days of going to Bat Mitzvah parties. I have fond memories of my mom taking me to Nordstrom to have my makeup done at various counters (from Stila to Clinique to Bobbi Brown). Nordstrom is still one of my go-to sources for all things beauty and skincare. Pre-covid, I would pop into the Atlanta location quite often as their mix of brands is the best around, not to mention they always have great end cap displays of products I wasn’t necessarily looking for but once I saw, had to have (case in point, the first silk pillowcase I ever saw was at Nordstrom).

Back to what I’m packing! I am fairly low maintenance in this department if you can believe it. I do love trying new things, but have a few favorites that I buy on repeat and always make it into my makeup bag. One of those is my Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream. It’s truly the first time I ever finished a jar of something…that’s how much I love it. There’s a special way you’re supposed to pat it into your skin (think love tap) and something about it just makes me feel suddenly more beautiful when I put it on (day, night, whenever). There’s a light version of the cream that’s my next purchase as it has SPF in it, which will be a nice complement to my tried and true staple.

Because my mama taught me the importance of pretty skin, I also usually pack an extra moisturizer just in case. This time, it’s La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream. I know it’s not technically eye cream, but I pat it under my eye with my ring finger. Did you know that this skin is the thinnest on your body besides your eyelid and you exert the least pressure with your ring finger? I was excited to learn that, and surprised that I went 32 years without knowing this tidbit.

Beyond these most important-to-me products, I love this sunscreen for my face (and also have this brush on sunscreen that I use quite often). This is the serum that I just got and am really enjoying. I will report back on it in more depth once I’ve used it for a bit longer as I know it’s an investment, but so far so good. I’m visual, so I’ve linked a few favorites below as well in case that helps you. I always have this lip treatment in my makeup bag too (it’s an oldie but a goodie).

One of my goals is to teach myself how to do my makeup in a more meaningful way, so as I find products that work well for me, I’ll share. This is the best fake it till you make it product as a few swipes really brightens up my face.

In My Makeup Bag


Because I am an over-packer (especially on road trips), I thought I’d share a few more things we’re bringing, if you care to see! Most excited about these mint sandals for Elle and these…you guessed it, mint towels. So cute!

Packing the Family


Some pretty dresses that would look darling on a beach trip and work equally as well if the only trip you’re taking is out to the backyard.

Beachy Dresses


Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. Below, some lovely accessories found at Nordstrom that would make any bathroom beautiful.

Pretty Bathroom Accessories

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