What to Wear for Spring…Easter and Passover Edition

Seafoam Dress / Seafoam Duster / Pearl Heels / Chanel Bag / Bow / Collared Dress (Similar) / Fancy Socks / Mary Janes (Similar) / Pearl Bag 

One of the most common questions when I do an “ask me anything” is” What should I wear to _____.” From bris and baptism to weekends away and weddings, you name the occasion and it’s been asked.

Since Easter and Passover are coming up and spring clothes are a favorite of mine, I decided to get ahead of the ask. Below, a plethora of pretty pastel pieces for you, your gal and your little guy.

To shop, click on the item you like in the graphic or click on the descriptor below the image! Also be sure to scroll through the items below the images as there are many additional picks (since there were too many good pieces to fit in each collage).

I’ll keep adding as the holidays approach. And, as I do love to coordinate or twin with Elle, may include a mama and mini category (or turn it into its own depending how many I find). Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see!

Happy almost spring!

Purple Floral Dress / Yellow Dress / White Floral Dress / Top Handle Bag / Shopper Tote / Headband / Blue Floral Bag / Blue Clutch / Lavender Pumps / Jeweled HeelsBlush Heels / Floral Bag / Floral Earrings / Chinoiserie Planter / Purple Basket / Collared Dress / Yellow Dress / Floral Pins / Pink Loafers / Blue Pearl Sandals Sold Out; Darling Espadrilles / Pink Bow / Blue Twirly Dress / Blue Baby Set / Pink Skirt / Pink Floral Dress / Blue Floral Dress

The Best Dresses

Sweets for your Feet

All the Accessories

Outfits for Your Gal

And For Your Little Guy

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