Styling Spring with Sur La Table

Mireille of City Peach and I at the Styling Spring event at Sur La Table Northpoint. 

How do you go about setting your style each season? This was the question posed by Sur La Table to myself and Mireille of City Peach. Together, we hosted the Styling Spring event at Sur La Table Northpoint to bring our approaches to life. We also held a pre-event photoshoot to promote the event (as an aside, it was exciting to be featured on a sign!).

I focused on styling a spring table, complete with dishes, linens and accessories by Sur La Table. Of course, I added lots of florals. Mireille focused on the fashion aspect, and gave tips on how to invest in key silhouettes that will take you throughout the season.

I shared one of my favorite tips with Mireille on the subject and she was sweet enough to share it with her readers and the attendees at our event. Here it is. When hosting a party, dress to coordinate with your tablescape or decor. It sets the tone for the occasion!

Here are some other tips I shared on the matter:

  1. Stick to a Theme / It’s easier to come up with tablescape details and Insta-worthy touches when you hone in on your aesthetic for the affair ahead of time. Invest in reusable pieces. Add finishing touches (like customized place settings) by getting crafty and DIY or sourcing on Etsy. 
  2. Set It and Forget It / Set your table at least a week before the event (even if you have to unset it from a practicality perspective). It helps you identify what you’re missing ahead of time. Then you can focus on other details like the food when it’s time to entertain. 
  3. Always Add Flowers / They’re an instant mood lifter! Trader Joe’s is a go-to for reasonably priced blooms and bud vases make one arrangement go a long way. 

The event itself was a lot of fun. In addition to the styling tips that Mireille and I shared, Chef Nealey taught the attendees how to style a charcuterie board (put all of your “ingredients” on the board and don’t be afraid to take things off or reposition) and gave some pro advice on knife skills (cut in a wave-like motion and never slam your knife straight on the cutting board). The Sur La Table Northpoint location is super spacious, has a lovely kitchen (as seen in the first photo I posted) and Nealey is a great resource if you’re looking to up your cooking game. Here’s their class calendar.

I honestly loved all of pieces that I used in the Styling Spring shoot, and Sur La Table was kind enough to send me home with some of them! I ordered more of these green and these pink plates, these pink mugs and these placemats since I know I’ll be using them for years to come and wanted to complete the set. They’re classics, even if they are colorful (Michael said he couldn’t believe that I strayed from my normal white dishes, but it’s so fun to have them as accent pieces!). Bonus, they’re all on sale!

Shop The Event

Isn’t this table divine?! I repurposed photos from a shoot I’d had earlier in the day, but used the same table settings as our promo photos.

My dress is from H&M but is sadly sold out. Similar skirt here. The shoes are my favorite of the season and I got them in a second color. They’re satin and are prone to staining, so be cautious when wearing!  

Our photo made it on to a take-away card (above) and signage (below).

Chef Nealey showing off her chops…literally!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Styling Spring with Sur La Table and that you can make it out to my next event! P.s. Here are some shots from our pre-event shoot because I can’t get over how lovely the pictures turned out. It was also a fabulous excuse to get Elston (Mireille’s daughter) and Elle together. They are two weeks apart and had the best time!

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