Spring Garden Party Inspiration: Celebrating Born on Fifth for Antonio Melani

Celebrating Spring

It’s always fun to throw a spring garden party and the second season of Born on Fifth for Antonio Melani proved to be the perfect reason. The collection, which was truly concepted to ensure you’re outfitted for every spring occasion, was on display via our lovely models and many of our attendees. Beyond flowers galore (seriously…galore!), we had light bites, white wine, rosé and palomas which made for a fun and feminine affair.

The evening also included a Born on Fifth for Antonio Melani pop up shop. It was a proud moment to see the products on display in such an on-brand way. Many people have asked how the collaboration with Dillard’s got started and I’m lucky to call Alexandra Dillard Lucie, a friend. She called me almost two years ago to see if I would want to collaborate on a clothing collection and…of course the answer was SIGN ME UP! Though it’s my second season it’s the first chance I had to meet Alexandra’s darling sisters Annemarie and Michelle, who are the gals behind D3, the Dillard’s blog. I also got to meet my manager Samantha from Estate Five (who I speak with nearly daily but had never gotten to hug until this week).

Garden Party of Dreams

Scroll through the photos to see how the evening came to life…it was supposed to be a rainy day and the weather held out though we ended up having the shop and dinner inside to be safe (which was wise as it started raining later in the evening). Luckily my photographer and dear friend Mary Catherine insisted on the florals being outside, which made for a beautiful experience.

Hope you’re able to take some inspiration from both the decor and the clothing designs…if you’d like to purchase any of the pieces head over to Dillards.com! For more spring garden party ideas, head to this post about the Rosé and Roses party I threw last year to celebrate the first season of Born on Fifth for Antonio Melani!

Our gorgeous florals by Bold Events who also did my wedding!

How lovely are our models?!

We had a runway moment…everything looked so beautiful. 

I had the Laurie platforms painted by Sarah Gross Design for the occasion! 

Elle is such a doll! Love this sweet age.

How sweet is his outfit? Part of the collection…it coordinates so well with all of the dresses!

The Pop Up Shop

The Party Set Up

My friend Elizabeth treated us to her pastel garden candy boards…such a perfect idea for a spring garden party favor! 

The Wardrobe Change

The Dinner

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