Six Styling Tricks for Summer

Summer Style Hacks

While it’s only May, it feels like summer is in full swing in Atlanta thanks to the temperatures which are slated to hit 90 this weekend. From an outfit perspective, I’m partial to the cooler months…layering feels like a dirty word when the going gets hot.

Over time, I’ve come up with a few summer style tips that I thought I’d share, if only to have a place to come back to when I feel as if I’m melting.

Wear White and Don’t Be Afraid to Go Flowy

I’ve been told by a trusted source (looking at you, Clary) that Southern girls like color. I am going to try to employ this strategy into my dressing come fall, but for the warmer months I’m into white. I think Apiece Apart does summery tops particularly well in everything from cotton to linen. They are swingy yet don’t hide your form.

Take the Time to Find The Right Jean Shorts (Yes, Jorts)

What do I wear with said white tops? Jean shorts. Being a graduate of the University of Georgia, I know I’m supposed to have an ingrained thing against jean shorts (but in my opinion, the chant “Gators wear jean shorts” wasn’t thought through from a fashion lens). I digress. My proportions sometimes make it hard to find the right jean shorts off the rack, so I tend to buy my shorts a size or two bigger than I need in the waist (to comfortably accommodate my thighs…or else the shorts get too short/tight and that’s not good for anyone). Then I get them altered. If you’re in Atlanta, follow me on Instagram and DM me and I’ll hook you up with my alterations guy who makes house calls. I’m forever grateful to Julia for this connection (if you’re in New York, she’s the girl to know).

Leave the Necklace at Home

This one seems fairly obvious or maybe it’s just an issue that happens to me, but when I have a necklace on, my body temperature is immediately a few degrees higher than otherwise. Add a bangle or use sunglasses as an accessorizing option (though these make my face hot too).

Find Pool Shoes You Can Get Wet

I was pretty excited when I found these pool-ready mules and promptly ordered them in a few colors. I hate when my sandals scorch the soles of my feet and I have a feeling these are going to be a summer staple since I plan to dip them into the pool. There’s a patent on the design, so it seems like they may be the next big thing.

Wear Workout Clothes

Here’s a hint I learned from a few moms with little kids…sometimes it’s easier to chase them around in workout clothes than it is in a swimsuit. As a bonus, these clothes wick sweat and offer a little more sun protection. But seriously, I had never thought of wearing gym clothes to the pool. Of course, this sort of assumes you’re not going to jump in, but could be a good solve for standing by the side of the pool during sweltering summer birthday parties.

Hat and Braid Never Fails

On the occasions that I let my guard down enough to look like a hot, sweaty mess, a quick remedy is to braid my hair and throw on a hat. This is as close as I can get to Beyonce’s “I woke up like this” without causing alarm to those around me.

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