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Rachel Doyle is passionate about manicures, makeovers and mentorship. As the founder of GlamourGals, an organization that provides seniors with makeovers, Rachel and the thousands of volunteers that have gotten involved since 2000, prove just how transformational a little TLC can be—for all involved.  

“I started GlamourGals as a 17-year-old with the idea of honoring my grandmother and providing a relevant service for teens. Today, GlamourGals is bigger than me…we are creating a movement of compassionate leaders. We are engaging people of different generations in our mission and in a dialogue that centers on not forgetting the seniors in our communities.” Next on the agenda for Rachel? Welcoming her second child…a daughter.

1. You founded an organization that holds mentorship in a high regard. What inspired Glamour Gals and how do you hope it impacts the lives of those involved?

I founded GlamourGals in honor of my grandmother who passed away when I was in high school. I was passionate about beauty and helping others. GlamourGals was an opportunity to combine those two passions and make people smile.

I hope young women feel empowered to be compassionate decision makers and to develop their leadership talents and professional skills through their service with GlamourGals. I hope the elderly we serve feel more dignified and know that a younger generation of people want to hear and learn from them.

Overall I think creating a mutual respect and kindness between generations is our powerful outcome.

2. Have you had any memorable mentors? If so, how did you meet? What advice have they shared that’s stuck with you?

Dr. Deborah Streeter and my mom.

My mom is my best friend, shopping buddy and longest committed volunteer of GlamourGals. She is a role model and one of the kindest and hard working people I know.

I met Dr. Deborah Streeter as a student at Cornell University. While I was pitching her to take me on for an independent study, someone sitting near us handed me a donation check while I was sharing about my story and work. I think that got her very intrigued (and of course got me the independent study with her)!

Best advice: Write down your vision and share it. Writing things down makes you accountable for your work. Colleagues, volunteers, board members, interns can make informed decisions to move the organization forward based on your vision even when you might be thousands a miles away!

3. You’re a soon-to-be mama of a baby girl. What are you most looking forward to passing down to your daughter?

I want to be a role model for both my children and pass down the values of kindness, hard-work, humour and, if possible, a great sense of style.

4. Favorite store(s) on Fifth Avenue?

I have to admit I’ve spent a lot of time in and out of NYC so although I am a die hard Bloomies fan (I know, it’s on Lex not 5th!), some other brands that I have gotten excited about lately are Carven, {the Parisian brand} Eric Bompard for staple cashmere sweaters , All Saints (secret winner for great non-maternity/maternity clothing for the 3rd trimester)! I love the look of Victoria Beckham but don’t have any of her pieces. Same with Brunello Cucinelli!

5. Parting words:

My brother calls me a “connector.” My joy in life comes from organizing and connecting people to the things that they are passionate about or can advance them personally or professionally.  

In my work, I love personally helping others to develop skills or projects they are proud of. As a friend I want to be a listener, a hugger (when needed – we all need it!) and someone to laugh with. I think what it comes down to it, I love being kind and generous and each day finding a way to fullfill that I get to enjoy the rewards that comes with. I encourage everyone to find ways to be generous.

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