Start Your Shopping! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Begins Today

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts Now

…and if you can’t wait to see what I picked, keep scrolling. There are several categories including my must-haves and favorite blue tops (lots of stuff under $50 on this list!). Tips on the sale in general are all the way down, too.

If you’ve got a minute, humor me. Growing up, I remember going to Perimeter Mall in Atlanta every Saturday (or as many Saturdays as I could reasonably convince my parents was appropriate, given I was in my early teens). We always parked by the Nordstrom and I always headed straight for the shoes. I would invariably make my way over to the purses and wistfully dream about the designer bags. By some stroke of luck and I’m sure endless nagging, one Saturday I actually convinced my parents to buy me the ultimate it bag of 1999, the Kate Spade Sam tote in black nylon. A couple of years ago I saw a Bustle article which mentioned that the bags are now selling on eBay for $40 (I don’t remember what they cost at the time, truth be told). I even brought the bag in to Spanx so the girls on my team could see what the fuss was all about as they were a bit too young to remember the purse (which made me feel ancient, btw). Isn’t it funny to think back on the “it” items of yesteryear. I always try to shop with forever in mind, so my picks, even if trendy, are styles that I envision fitting in with my always-evolving-but-pretty-clear aesthetic.

So, here they are…my favorites from the #Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, the same sale that my mom has shopped (with early access) for over a decade. I just opened a Nordstrom Card so that I, too, can get early access (game. changer.). And, I plan to order everything online and pick it up in store so I can try it on and let you know how it all works IRL. Happy shopping and stay tuned for more posts on the Anniversary sale!


New Neutrals

Best Blue Tops

Never on Sale!

Active Essentials

And, In Case You’re New to The Anniversary Sale Like I Was..

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is essentially an incentive to get you to shop really good stuff (that will still be available…but will be marked up to full price…when the sale ends August 7).

  1. Early Access Starts Today, July 13 and is for Card Members Only, But Getting a Card is Easy
  2. Public Access Starts on July 21
  3. Shop Early (Things Sell Out!)
  4. Don’t Fret as Items Sometimes Get Restocked (and Surely There Will Be Something Else!)
  5. Feel Free to Ask Questions! DM me on Instagram or email me (emily at bornonfifth dot com)

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