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In our home, the kitchen is the center point and heart of the house. I love it because at the end of the day everyone gathers here as a family but it also means that it ends up being a catch-all for any and everything. I have done my best in the past to keep up with the clutter but it took some major reorganizing and time implementing permanent solutions to make my life easier. I wanted to give you a look into a few areas of my kitchen that I have been able to elevate.

Some of my all time favorite kitchen organization supplies for our pantry specifically are linked here.

Kid’s Drawers

A tip I learned years ago that has changed my life for the better is to reserve a drawer or two in the kitchen for anything kid and baby related. Their lunch boxes, sippy cups, etc. are never that aesthetically pleasing no matter how hard I try so having everything stored away in drawers that conceal the mess when closed is the best. And, as the kids get older, it’s nice that they can access their own stuff easily. Try these clear bins to organize the chaos. All our go-to utensils, dishes and the like for littles can be found here.

Silverware Drawers

One of my favorite custom built parts of our home is the silverware drawer – the built-in dividers and knife block are important to our daily kitchen organization. If you are in the midst of a remodel or rebuild I highly recommend. If you want to get the look, found some drawer divider options here and here and a knife block option for your drawers, here.

The Coffee Bar

Along a similar vein as the kid’s drawers, the coffee bar was an area of the house that, no matter how hard I tried to make it look nice, it was always an eye sore to me. So, my solution here was pretty similar as well – hide it away. We built in this cabinet (also called an appliance garage) specifically for the coffee maker and mugs. If hiding it away isn’t an option for you I highly recommend mugs that are so beautiful you will want to put them on display like these or these.

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