How to Pay It Forward While Playing with Dolls

All Dolled Up

Ever since she could choose what toy to play with, Elle’s chosen dolls. Blocks keep her attention for a few minutes. Books, maybe longer. But dolls, dolls are the thing that make my baby girl the happiest. It’s amazing to watch her nurture and love her “soft toys” at such a young age. When I learned about The Doll Kind I was especially excited since it’s a brand that takes on the TOMS pay-it-forward model, in this case giving a doll to a child in need for every doll purchased.

In addition to paying-it-forward to give back, the mission of the company is to spread kindness and as such, each doll comes with a kindness kit. Inside the kits are 10 tokens with special phrases on them to encourage children to give as an act of kindness.

The Importance of Giving

My friend and former colleague Sally Mundell used a similar philosophy when starting The Packaged Good, after seeing a trend: parents were asking for donations to various charities instead of gifts for birthday parties and teens were doing “Mitzvah projects” for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. After looking for places she and her young daughters could go to volunteer their time as a family and coming up short, Sally decided it would be empowering to create a space that lets children be a part of the act of giving, teaching them how important giving is and how good it feels.

On that note, you can contact The Packaged Good to host your child’s birthday party. Ask┬áto assemble care packages with dolls to go to a child in need, if you’d like!

The Doll Kind Giveaway

If you’d like the chance to win a doll and kindness kit for yourself, follow @bornonfifth and @thedollkind on Instagram and comment below with your handle. We will pick a winner on Friday, April 14.

You can also purchase the dolls by visiting The Doll Kind‘s site. For the next three days, enjoy 20% off your purchase with code: BORNONFIFTH

Thank you to The Doll Kind for sending Elle what is now one of her favorite dolls!

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