Head to the South of France with L’Occitane

We went to the South of France in May of 2015…

Before we even left, I was planning my next trip there. From the rosé, which flows like water, to the breathtaking views, I knew I had to get back. While it’s not on the books quite yet and though I’m living vicariously through Gal Meets Glam’s Julia Engel, photographer Lucy Cuneo and the Easton Events Team (all of whom just so happen to be there as we speak), I’ve found a way to transport myself to this magical place for under $50, so I figured it was worth sharing!

The L’Occitane Summer Treasures Set is pretty brilliant. Delivered in an advent calendar-like format (which is very exciting for someone Jewish, btw), there are 13 château doors to open and behind each one is a lovely surprise. As someone who has a bit of trouble keeping up with a skincare routine and most definitely fell off while on our last trip to the South of France, I would have loved to have discovered this set for my trip.

Because everything is a travel sized, you can easily take the whole set with you anywhere you go. If you’re wondering #WhatsInYourBag well, I’m partial to the Shea Butter Lip Balm and Almond Delicious Hand Cream (because my skin gets so dry when I fly), and I also love the Peony Perfecting Face Cream and Divine Youth Oil so I can keep up some semblance of a nightly routine. These favorites, in addition to the Aromachologie Shampoo and Conditioner, are going in my bag when we head to Sea Island this week. 

Another bonus worth mentioning is that included in every box is a card redeemable for $10 off your next purchase of $40 or more (which will inevitably be used when you fall in love with one or all of the products like I have and want the full size version!). There’s a L’Occitane located in Shops of Buckhead, too, if you’d like to smell everything in person.

I #LoveLoccitane for putting me into a South of France mindset (which is a thing, I’ve decided). I’m off to drink some rosé and perhaps I’ll even eat a baguette while I’m at it!

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Shop This Look

This #sponsored post was brought to you by L’Occitane, a brand that makes me want to spend #SummerinProvence.

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