Having a Baby? Here’s What to Add to Your Registry

Even though Elle is three, one of the top questions I get asked is what I registered for when I was pregnant. I thought it was about time to update my go-to list of items as one of my favorites was just recalled for safety reasons. I also think it’s helpful as I have some perspective on the items I registered for and their life cycle. For example, this was something we used for years after the baby stage. I’ll give you my list and a bit about why we loved each item and/or why I wished I had it. Another example: this didn’t exist when Elle was born, yet I already purchased one for a future baby (just in case!).

What To Register For • Baby Registry Checklist

  1. This chair, which we called the magic chair. Elle was so happy any time we put her in this seat. Due to her size, we waited until she was a couple months old and could hold her head upright a bit better.
  2. The product I wish I’d had…a DockATot! They also have fun covers, so you can customize your look and change the cover style with each baby.
  3. A lullaby soother! We didn’t use this for bedtime (though we could have), but loved having music on while Elle was in her room doing tummy time.
  4. We didn’t register for our crib, but in retrospect, I don’t see why you couldn’t. Love this round crib and would love to go this direction next time.
  5. My favorite! A formula bottle maker machine (probably not its formal title). It’s like a Keurig/Nespresso for your babe. Makes formula mixing so much easier and less messy. We had a loved this one.
  6. A stroller and carseat you love. We went with gray, as the color felt neutral and didn’t get too dirty.
  7. Cute clothes! Your loved ones are going to gift you outfits whether they’re on your baby registry or not (who can resist!), so might as well get the ones you want. Love this darling outfit.
  8. I’d register for this outfit, too.
  9. A baby carrier. We loved this one, as it’s mesh and kept Elle (and me!) cool.
  10. Our high chair was a hand-me-down, but would have loved this one. Looks so easy to clean.
  11. The best travel crib, which can also be used as a play pen when your gal is little.
  12. Baby dolls! Love these sweeties that make any nursery look even cuter.
  13. Sleep sacks! We loved swaddling Elle when she was a baby, and graduated her to this sleep sack once she unswaddled herself.
  14. Speaking of swaddles, these are the ones we used. They came recommended by our doula and worked like a charm. I see so many Instagram mamas that nap their babies fully dressed and I’m like WOW and HOW! We were all practical.
  15. Practical mother’s helpers that are new to the market, like this! I wish this existed when Elle was a baby. Would have helped her tummy so much.
  16. Diapers. The things get expensive, and it’s an easy add on when your loved ones are in baby buying mode. We loved this brand and type especially as they had a version for nighttime. Pro tip: if baby is wetting through their diaper or having explosions, size up! Learned this the hard way.
  17. You’ll want include a sound machine on your baby registry. We didn’t have one with nature sounds like this, but it’s something I’d consider the next go round.
  18. Diaper pails are hard to get excited about, but I loved ours as it never smelled and the refill bags were easy to take on trips as to-go diaper trash containers. You can also get them auto-delivered so you don’t run out.
  19. I did get this baby food maker as a part of my registry. We used it a good bit when Elle was just starting to eat, but now they sell jars of organic baby food (we liked this brand), so it’s easy to go either way!
  20. A jogging stroller is always fun to have. We didn’t put Elle in it until she was about seven or eight months (I wanted to make sure she was holding her head up and would be comfortably seated). We loved and registered for this one, and it’s on sale.
  21. Our monitor was by our side for probably too long (nervous parents). I’ve heard great things about this one, which I’d try next time.
  22. We went through a lot of different thermometers before finding one we loved. This is it!
  23. The life span of this swing is semi-short per child (since there are weight and height restrictions for baby), but we used it a lot when Elle was an infant. I remember putting it together myself when I was about eight months pregnant and being so proud.
  24. Small things! I always think it’s a good idea to register for things friends and family can add on to their purchases, in case they’re thinking of reaching a certain gift spending threshold. This is a good $30 item that’s a necessity, a lovely $20 Moses basket (where we keep baby dolls), here’s a $10 go-to and a $7 must-have.
  25. Finally, if you want to spend a little more on the Moses Basket (a great way to go in on a group gift is to chip in to the basket and then items to fill it), this one is DARLING!

Baby Registry Favorites

Where to Register

All of these items can be found on Walmart.com, which is the perfect place to register for your baby. Honestly, I wish I would have thought of it when I was pregnant! So many of our favorites are available on the site. And, think about it: when people are shopping for your registry items, it’s smart to have them all come from one source (makes it MUCH easier for the gift giver). I’ve clicked through the set-up process and it’s easy on the mama side too!

Also, depending on the generation buying, I think there’s a comfort level with the idea of having a physical store the mama-to-be could bring items back to exchange if need be. At least that’s true of my grandmother, who was all nervous when it came to ensuring she got me what I wanted from my registry. Do it for grandma 😉

One Final Note

Thank you to Walmart.com for sponsoring this post and enabling me to share my favorite baby registry items with all of you! Hope you found this helpful. Would love to know what you end up getting!

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