Fifth of the Month: April

April feels fresh to me. March is the official start of spring but the weather can go either way; April is the real gateway to warmer weather. I think that’s why I feel such a shift in fashion at this time of year. Like the spring blooms, trends are starting to make their way into the light. This month, I gathered three trends I have been seeing in recent weeks that I think will only grow throughout the remainder of this Spring and into Summer. All three are sweet and feminine, influenced by the events around this time of year: Mother’s Day, Easter, Kentucky Derby, weddings, etc. Let me know if you agree!

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Bows, bows, and more bows. We know that I am a longtime lover of these adornments but they seem to be coming back in full force this Spring. I think the pastels and florals of Spring that you find associated with Mother’s Day and the Kentucky Derby inspire a natural affinity to the most feminine accessory of all: bows. But, we aren’t just adding them to our hair. I’m seeing bows on shoes, bags, dresses, earrings, and skirts alike.


This one is a bit more unexpected. It still fits within the bounds of Springtime pastels but I really love the more striking feel of ice blue. It feels fresh to me and I can’t wait to partake in styling it. And for any brides out there that need something blue, you’re in luck.


Art imitates life. Is that how the saying goes? Anyway, it is no shock that rosettes are all the rage almost every spring. I’m loving the more creative placements and designs that are being used this year as opposed to the same old floral appliques. So chic!

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