Elle’s Favorite Toys

Sharing Some of Elle’s Favorite Walmart Toys

I often get asked what kind of toys Elle plays with and decided it was high time to share some of her favorite Walmart toys with you!

Of course, her toy picks have evolved over time. When she was a baby, she used to love this, this and this.

These days, we play mostly with Barbies, baby dolls (named Mia) and basically anything Frozen. When I saw Elsa’s Ice Palace that sings (!) I knew I had to get it for my Let It Go-loving gal. I found it on Walmart.com, which is where I’ve found some of her other favorites too (like a Mighty Pups set, as we’ve recently become Paw Patrol obsessed). Elle truly was awe-struck when she saw this toy (it’s similar to a Little People princess castle she’s loved since her first birthday party, but so much better as it’s her favorite movie). She literally sings and twirls each time the toy starts playing. It’s precious! I also got her this sleigh, so she could play with Anna and Kristoff too (the Elsa castle comes with Elsa and Olaf).

Most toys on Walmart.com have free next-day delivery (when you spend $35 or more), and I always like stocking up on a few things at once so that I have a stash set aside for birthday parties or when I promise Elle a toy as a reward. The site has a lot to choose from…it’s easy to find something for every little in your life.

Elle's Favorite Frozen Toys

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