Elle’s Edit: Bodysuits

Tocoto Vintage Bubble, Purchased at Mitylene

Bodysuits are one of my favorite wardrobe staples. Paired with high-waisted jeans, this uniform has gotten me through many what should I wear moments, avoiding the familiar standing-in-my-closet-blankly-staring routine.

Elle really doesn’t have much say in her daily ensemble quite yet and as such, also favors bodysuits. I tend to dress Elle in neutrals or non-pattern patterns (leopard, floral, etc.) and generally stay away from short sleeve styles. Based on the season, I lump bubbles and rompers into the bodysuit category, though that can be argued, I’m sure.

Check out some of our favorites below, if you’d like! I just ordered a couple things from Old Navy and can’t wait for Elle to try them on.



Stella McCartney Romper. Also comes in blue.

Animal Print


Atelier/Child Onesie 


Agatha Cub Bodysuit


Old Navy Bubble

Stella McCartney Romper

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