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A self-proclaimed extrovert whose personal brand of inspiration-meets-authenticity has garnered her thousands of followers, Bethany Meyers is taking the fitness, and fashion, worlds by storm. You may have spotted her in a recent Negative Underwear campaign, bumped into her at Bandier (“I’m there every week!”) or, perhaps, you’ve snagged a spot in her always-packed SLT classes around New York City. Whatever the scenario, it may as well have been a meet cute as there is something simply irresistible about Bethany’s energy.

The best news? This positive aura is within reach, even if you’re not a New Yorker. Just hop over to her Instagram page and scroll through the countless moves Bethany shares, which are easy to do on the go, without any equipment. And, there’s more to come— Bethany is currently working on a new project which will serve as a platform to inspire body confidence in women through movement.

1. Have you had any memorable mentors? If so, how did you meet? What advice have they shared that’s stuck with you?

Growing up, my mom owned a retirement home. We lived in the apartment portion upstairs, with all the grandma’s and grandpa’s downstairs. (If you’ve ever seen Benjamin Button, it wasn’t too far off from that.) From a young age, I saw what it looked like to be old. Old and happy, old and sad, old and fulfilled, old and alone. There was one woman in particular. Her name was Carrie Craig and she had one of the brightest, youngest spirits I’ve ever encountered. I remember looking up to her and thinking no matter what I do in my life I will stay as young as this woman has. We often connected over the quote “you don’t grow old by living, you grow old by losing interest in living.” She was my first mentor and that may be the best piece of advice I’ve been given – never lose interest in life.

2. You’re the one behind the killer routines at SLT and also share a lot of in-home moves people can do on the go via Instagram. Any tips for staying fit with a hectic schedule?

The best tip to get fit is to stop trying to get fit! When you think of working out to “fix” your body, it becomes a chore. I try to think of my workouts as something I do to stay mobile and healthy…I always think, at what age am I unable to do these things? When will I lose the ability to stand on one foot or hold a plank? My hope is that with consistency, the answer will be never! I’m currently working on a new project designed to inspire confidence in women through the outlet of movement. Instead of the workouts being about losing weight or getting “bikini body ready” we will chart our progress based on holding moves longer and transitioning smoother. It will be completely about feeling strong and determined and accomplished.

3. Favorite restaurants in NYC?

Too many to choose from!!! I love love food and will try anything. You can’t beat a good brunch at Jane or Jack’s Wife Freda. A lesser known but equally as good brunch favorite is The Wren in Noho. Dinner favorites include Traif in Brooklyn (sooooooo good) and Hearth in the East Village.

4. Last thing you do before bed?

I have a crystal ball I sleep with made of Peacock Moonstone. The moonstone is a feminine stone and brings out our intuition and emotion. I hold it and sometimes lay it on my heart or belly as a reminder to be open to love.

5. Parting words:

You. Just as you are. Is enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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